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Finding the right balance between our personal and working lives is key to our well-being journey.
At Edelman, we provide a safe and healthy workplace that promotes the health and well-being of our employees.
– Jen Hauser, director of Edelman Wellness 360

A majority of our benefits are tailored by location to meet the specific needs of our people, their families and their communities, but here are a few highlights of what you get from an Edelman career:

Edelman Escape

Around for more than a decade, our Edelman Escape program provides select employees with a mini, one-week sabbatical and $1,500 to escape from their work duties to pursue a dream, goal or experience that will enrich their lives. They are awarded in two categories:

  • Give a Dream Escapes are for philanthropy, charitable giving or family giving. Some recent examples include working with a literacy program in Rabat that seeks to empower and educate women, leading a healthy eating and nutrition program to children ages 5-12, volunteering for a facility that provides assistance and rehabilitation to disabled children in Israel and traveling to Haiti to support the work of creating simple, sustainable rainwater collection systems.
  • Live a Dream Escapes are for achieving a personal or professional goal, exploring a new interest or going on a meaningful adventure. Some examples include attending a multicultural and diversity conference, visiting the Taj Mahal, escape diving with the Haenyeo “sea women” in the Jeju province of Korea and visiting all of the major road and day hikes of the Cascade peaks in Washington.

Flexible Work Arrangements and Family Leave
Edelman offers flexible work time, telecommuting and reduced workweek arrangements in most of our offices.  In addition, Edelman gives extended parental leave to new biological and adoptive parents, as well as family leave for eldercare emergencies. Edelman even has a child and pet adoption assistance program that provides financial support for the adoption process.

Service Year Award and Sabbatical Program

Edelman rewards employees who achieve tenure milestones, beginning at five years, with a monetary gift.  In select offices across the globe, we also offer a sabbatical program that includes up to six additional weeks of paid time off. Sabbaticals are offered when an employee has been with the company ten years and again at every five-year interval thereafter.

Community Investment Grants
The Edelman Community Investment Grant program takes our employee’s involvement with nonprofit organizations one step further by making an investment in their causes and, in turn, an investment in our communities. Since this program began in 2011, Edelman has awarded more than $800,000 in grant funding to more than 300 organizations that support causes from education, to community development, to health. In FY16 alone, we have awarded $150,000 to 140 organizations worldwide.

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