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Richard Edelman Executives Club of Chicago Keynote Address

Leadership Goes Beyond Management

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Today, I delivered a keynote address on Trust and the CEO at the Executives Club of Chicago. My central theme: It is time for CEOs to come out of the bunker, be out front and lead, do more than simply focus on delivering on the numbers, and be part of the solution to society’s problems.

Richard Edelman_ World Economic Forum

Davos 2016

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This was a World Economic Forum Annual Meeting of massive mood swings, linked to the plunging global stock markets, diving commodity prices, renewed concern about the flood of refugees moving toward the European Union, the rise of populism in the U.S. and European countries, and the effect of a slowing Chinese economy.

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A Courageous Decision

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I am so proud that our firm is involved with client CVS Caremark, which today has stated its intention to stop selling cigarettes and other tobacco products.


A Geo-Political Davos

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It is perhaps the ultimate irony that at a time of plummeting trust in government, the political leaders of the world took center stage at the World Economic Forum this year.

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My 2013

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I have never been quite as happy nor as sad; I try to live in a more narrow amplitude. Here are a few lessons from a year never to be forgotten.

The Year in PR

The Year In PR

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Here are my observations on the past 12 months, which has seen the PR industry move to a much more important position in the communications sector.

Giving Tuesday Richard Edelman

Giving Tuesday

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I'm dedicating my Giving Tuesday #unselfie to the University of Chicago Medical Center and will match any donations made today or tomorrow to this charity.

Richard Edelman Children's Aid Society Award

Being Honored

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I was the honoree for the Children’s Aid Society’s (CAS) Annual Benefit this year. It was a first for me, a recognition of my board service but more specifically my deep interest in helping kids in poverty in New York City.

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