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London Bridge

Heatherwick’s City

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Richard Edelman met with Thomas Heatherwick, urban visionary and architect, whose work is transforming London, Abu Dhabi, Singapore and soon, New York City.

Milan Expo 2015

Milan Expo

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I attended the Milan Expo last Monday, visiting three pavilions (Japan, Italy and the U.S.). The Expo is expected to draw 20 million visitors in the course of the coming six months, nearly half of them from China.

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Bell Pottinger

PR Firms as Targets

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I was in London this week when news spread around our office about a protest at a competitor’s premises. Edelman was in this exact situation when we began our work with Walmart seven years ago.

Force for Good

PR as a Force for Good

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Team Up 4 Health aims to change the course for Bell County residents, who can prevent major health problems by making small lifestyle changes, with the positive influence of friends and family.

Washington Post

The Washington Post Sale

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For any owner of a family business, it is a sad day. The Grahams represented the best of breed in their deep commitment to excellence, their employees and the community they served so well.


Letting Go

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It is hard for any parent, much less a CEO, to learn to let go. Here are a few observations for those of you trying to transition to player-coach from solo all-star.


Thank You

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PRWeek put me atop the Power List 2013 yesterday. There is so much yet to be done for our industry; let’s have the confidence to lead.


A Chinese Odyssey

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Cindy Tian passed along her father’s story, which I will now share with you because it is, in fact, a microcosm of the tale of modern China.

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