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(l-r) Michael Stewart, Richard Edelman and Marion Darrieutort

Vive la France

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Edelman today announced that our French operation is joining forces with ELAN, the largest independent in the market.

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Marketing is B.S. (That’s Baloney)

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The PR business will have to find the new influential conversation starters and discover powerful insights. PR can also help drive the new product discovery process by engaging with avid fans and, through meaningful two-way dialogue, discover what they are looking for in the next version of a product.



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I’ve just finished reading Chrystia Freeland’s new book, Plutocrats, which comes out on October 15. She ascribes the rise of the new global super-elite to the twin gilded ages of rapid development in the BRIC nations, plus the technology revolution.

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Diversity: The Continuing Challenge

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I met yesterday with Dr. Lorraine Branham, Dean of the Newhouse School of Communications at Syracuse University. We discussed the successful internship program that we initiated at Edelman this summer with seven Newhouse students—the Edelman Newhouse Diversity Interns.

Michael Berland

Method to the Madness

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Edelman made two big moves this week. We hired Michael Berland to run our new global research business, Edelman Berland. We also launched our new corporate web site,, which aims to be a media brand hybrid. These seemingly disconnected decisions are actually linked to our deep conviction that the next phase for our company will see us aim to be the preferred choice (as a PR firm) among communications options.

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