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The PR Industry at the Crossroads

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It should be boom times for the PR industry. And yet in the past few weeks, there have been surprising pronouncements from holding companies that indicate a lack of confidence in the PR business.

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Philanthropy 3.0

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I just met with Alexandre Mars, founder and CEO of the Epic Foundation. This is a Philanthropy 3.0 concept, beyond the long-term investor and activist investor model of Philanthropy 1.0 and 2.0.

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Richard Edelman - American Marketing Association 2016 Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education

The Fifth Estate

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Richard Edelman addressed the American Marketing Association's Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education in Orlando.

Before I Was CEO

Before I Was CEO

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Richard Edelman was invited to be one of 20 CEOs profiled in a new book by Peter Vanham, a contributor to Forbes and the Financial Times, called Before I Was CEO.

False News

How to Combat False News

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False election news articles generated more engagement on Facebook than election stories from 19 major news outlets combined including The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, NBC News and others.

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Explaining America

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The election of Donald J. Trump as President of the United States not only stunned the pundits, but confirmed many of the trends we’ve seen in populist movements worldwide.

Edelman Wins 2016 Global PR Agency Of The Year

That Rare Night

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The Holmes Report awarded Edelman Global Agency of the Year and Program of the Year. It was that rare night as CEO when you feel that your strategy is correct, your people are magicians, and your clients are saints.

Germany's Angst

Germany’s Angst

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Richard Edelman spent the past three days in Berlin, speaking with politicians, business leaders and intellectuals. Here are a few observations on Europe’s leading economy.

Edelman Korea

Korea and Japan

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Richard Edelman spent the past week in Seoul and Tokyo, visiting with our impressive local teams and calling on our global clients.


One on One

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Richard Edelman sat with Steve Barrett, editor-in-chief of PRWeek, for a wide-ranging discussion yesterday at the PRWeek annual conference and covered three major areas in our half-hour chat.

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A Meeting with Meaning

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I recently met a long-time friend of my father, Leo Melamed, who had been the chairman emeritus of the CME Group. He asked me to come by to reminisce about Dan and to discuss our current work for the CME Group.

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