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A Global Affairs Report

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Richard Edelman attended a breakfast hosted by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. In short, we are in a fine mess with unpredictable consequences.


A Significant Shift

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A number of major consumer-goods companies indicated they would be shifting away from traditional TV advertising. The reason: it no longer reaches or appeals to their target audiences

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Tsinghua University—The Next Great Global Player

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This man is the next generation of leadership in China. He is a bridge-builder, a listener and a decent man determined to make Tsinghua a place where “there can be free discussion of ideas on the basis of academic freedom.” We will hear much more of him and the school.

Le Mur Des Justies

A Different Passover

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The Fredeau story, the yellowing cards, the photos of the kids who had no future were all too present reminders of the importance of recognizing one’s tradition and celebrating it each year.

Richard Edelman Skiing (1)


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If you limit yourself to that which is comfortable or habitual, you miss the opportunity to live well.


Trusted Original Content?

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We need to be the smarter point of connection between media and client than the ad agency or media buying firm. We may not have big advertising budgets to wave around but our content can shine through as much more compelling and connected.

Charles Moore

A Decent Man

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Charles Moore's number one goal for his retirement is to prove to Wall Street that there is a financial benefit to social responsibility, in brand reputation, employee loyalty and risk mitigation.

Clinton Global Initiative (2)

Selling the Concept Ahead

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The next and more challenging chapter will be to change consumer behavior. So the smart company will sell the concept first to consumers and then to opinion formers.

Dan and Richard Edelman

One Month On

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It has been a month since my father died. I wanted to give you a bit of the back story on the months leading up to his passing and express my appreciation for the outpouring of support for my family in the wake of his death.

Jackie Cooper

Why Not Us?

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Public relations firms can offer distinctive creative product that can become the basis for the brand proposition.

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