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A bridge too far

A Bridge Too Far

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The publicists for movies have long defined the outer edge of our profession, with outrageous stunts and feigned romances among stars. But a campaign for the film “A Cure for Wellness” has gone over the edge of decency and intelligence to irresponsibility.

Middle Market

The Mighty Middle Market

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The ownership profile of the middle-market firm in Chicago differs from the rest of the country, with more family business and fewer publicly held or owned by private equity.

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Richard Edelman Speech Chicago

The Book of Dan

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Edelman and the Rise of Public Relations has been a year in the making, with Franz Wisner conducting hundreds of interviews and sorting through my father’s school years and war-time memorabilia. The result is the first real history of public relations as a business and a lovely tale of a family committed to the success of the enterprise.


The Better Face of Capitalism

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I went with SAP co- chief executive, Bill McDermott, to the Frederick Douglass Center, a Children’s Aid Society (CAS) facility built in the 1950s which offers after-school programs and community services to the underprivileged in the neighborhood.

Rethinking rep

Rethinking Reputation

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I have just read the new book, Rethinking Reputation, by John Doorley and Fraser Seitel, former chief communications officers at Merck and Chase Bank, respectively. The central theme of the book is that reputation depends on good behavior and honest communications.


You Cannot Be a Bystander

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I went to the 90th birthday bash for the Harvard Business Review last night at Lincoln Center. The magazine had a glittering array of speakers. Here are a few of the important lessons from the evening:

World PR Forum

Our Time to Lead

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It is PR’s time to lead because the world has changed. Communications can no longer be top-down and controlled; in fact, credibility is conferred horizontally by conversation and the wisdom of the crowd.

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