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Marie Claire–For Alpha Females

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I had breakfast last Friday with Nancy Cardone, publisher of Marie Claire, a Hearst publication that reaches the ‘alpha female.’ “If it matters to women, it is in Marie Claire,” Cardone said boldly. She recited impressive statistics, including an average reader being college-educated, having an income of $85,000, and generally on the upward track in […]

Conversation with CNN’s Jon Klein

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Jon Klein, until recently the U.S. president of CNN, spoke to the Edelman Executive Committee on Monday evening in Chicago. His six-year run at the network saw the introduction of new technologies such as the touchscreen, the advent of CNNi for crowd-sourcing news gathering, and emergence of new talent such as Anderson Cooper. Here are […]

Deadly Spin

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I spent this weekend reading Deadly Spin, former PR man Wendell Potter’s tale of his conversion from corporate “spin-meister” to health care reform advocate. Potter’s story moves along two tracks, a personal awakening to the evils of managed care interspersed with salvos against the PR business. I will concentrate on his critique of PR, leaving […]

A Matter of When

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As I had breakfast this morning with my old friend, Dr. Seth Berkley, president and CEO of the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative, recent comments from Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, were front-and-center in my mind. At the AIDS Vaccine 2010 Conference in September, Fauci said, It is […]

Herbivores and Beyond

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I spent last week doing advance work for President Obama’s trip to Asia. Just kidding, folks, I was actually making my annual visit to Japan, Korea and China, three of our important Asian markets. Here are a few observations from my trip: Birth Rates—Japan and Korea are facing real demographic challenges. As I walked around […]

Good Purpose Goes Global

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I am in Beijing to launch Edelman’s Fourth Annual goodpurpose® Survey. The headline of the study is that consumers in the developing world have leapfrogged their peers in the developed world in demanding that companies deliver both financial performance and purpose. In a stunning reversal of findings from only two years ago, the citizen consumer […]

USA Today—28 Years Young

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I met with Carol Stevens, managing editor for news at USA Today, last Monday for lunch in Washington. The newspaper remains the #1 in total print circulation in the US, with 1.8 million readers daily. The paper is increasing its readership in markets where the local paper has been scaled back due to a weakened […]

Changing a Life

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I went to the Washington office on Monday, visiting with clients and journalists. I also had a staff meeting before going to the train. As I do at every whistle stop, I provide an update on the firm and then the office. I always conclude with an offer– $2,000 to any Edelman person who agrees […]

The New Approach Up North

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When you cross the border into Canada, flying into Pearson Airport, braving the traffic into downtown Toronto, you can easily imagine that you are in a large American metropolis. The same cars, the same large buildings, the diverse population all remind you of Chicago or New York City. But wait a minute. There are dozens […]

Not your “Stereotypical” Millennial

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About a month ago, Edelman’s new 8095 consultancy asked me to “hijack” my dad’s blog in celebration of the launch of a global segmentation study on Millennials, people born between 1980 and 1995. Ever an optimist, my first reaction was “why in the world did you ask me to write this post?” Though my 1987 […]

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