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Technology and Trust

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I presented the results of the Edelman Trust Barometer to four individual clients, met with three venture capital firms, and attended a salon dinner and breakfast briefing for 100 people with panelists from Coursera, Uber and CNet. We also unveiled some new research for California which has some very ominous signs for the industry.

Richard Edelman Executives Club of Chicago Keynote Address

Leadership Goes Beyond Management

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Today, I delivered a keynote address on Trust and the CEO at the Executives Club of Chicago. My central theme: It is time for CEOs to come out of the bunker, be out front and lead, do more than simply focus on delivering on the numbers, and be part of the solution to society’s problems.

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Edelman at Gail Becker's Wedding

Must Have Done Something Good

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I attended the wedding of my colleague Gail Becker and her husband Stuart Smith in the hills of Malibu, California on Saturday night. Several Edelman people, past and present, were part of the celebration, including Matt Harrington, Amy Kavanaugh, Mitch Markson, Renee Edelman and Shoreen Magame.

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Heatherwick’s City

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Richard Edelman met with Thomas Heatherwick, urban visionary and architect, whose work is transforming London, Abu Dhabi, Singapore and soon, New York City.

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Milan Expo

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I attended the Milan Expo last Monday, visiting three pavilions (Japan, Italy and the U.S.). The Expo is expected to draw 20 million visitors in the course of the coming six months, nearly half of them from China.

Marriage Equality, LGBT, USA

A Historic Decision

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The United States Supreme Court’s decision on marriage equality is a profound turn in the American culture wars. We have implemented Edelman Equal as a means of pushing forward with a diverse and empowered employee base.

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Cannes Round Two

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I have concluded that Cannes is a perfect pair with Davos for Edelman and others in our sector. I come home more convinced than ever that PR firms can compete for the lead creative idea, for community activation and for continuous storytelling.

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The Power of the Earned Brand

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Our business has a surfeit of new tools at our disposal, from personalized advertising to targeted direct marketing and dynamic content creation. And yet, we are in danger of losing our consumer.

Richard Edelman, DePaul University, commencement, graduation, speech

Powerful Ideas

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I have just delivered the commencement address to the graduates of the College of Communication and College of Computing and Digital Media at DePaul. Graduates will need to deliver powerful ideas that change the course of business and brands. It is now what you will DO, not what you SAY, that matters.

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