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The Climate Change Imperative

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Last night, I had dinner with Professor Jeffrey Sachs, who has taken a leadership role in the Sustainable Development Solutions Network. Sachs is seeking a step-reduction in CO2 emissions.


When Art Sponsorship Makes Sense

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I was impressed by one man’s journey, from the impressionist school as a young man, to founder of Suprematism, to an enthusiastic supporter of the Revolution, to a deeply depressed and shocked witness to the horrors of Stalinism.

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Fox Interview

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Please check out my interview earlier today by Fox Business News, called “Edelman on the Bailout Plan,” where I discuss how financial corporations and government can effectively communicate in today’s economic conditions. Richard

WSJ On the Move

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Edelman hosted Wall Street Journal editor Robert Thomson for breakfast this morning in New York City. Here are a few of his most important observations: 1) The Big Brand—Digital must work together with print and wire service to maximize the WSJ brand. In the new office of the WSJ in Midtown Manhattan, the editors of […]

HBS at 100

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Given the economic events of the last several weeks, Harvard Business School certainly picked an opportune moment to celebrate its 100th anniversary. Here are some highlights from the past two days:Business in Society: Bill Gates was interviewed by Professor Jim Cash about the Gates Foundation. This was the most inspirational part of the two day […]

Networks Fight Back

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I had lunch on Wednesday with Jessica Guff, executive producer of ABC News Now and a veteran of ABC News. She made several important observations about the broadcast news business: 1), one of the digital platforms for the news division, reaches 48 million homes today, 30 million of which are broadband. “This is the […]

Failure to Communicate

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I was walking in Central Park yesterday as part of my rehabilitation from surgery when the news flashed across that the US House of Representatives had rejected the proposed $700 billion fund to provide liquidity to the struggling capital markets. Quoting the prison warden in Cool Hand Luke as he stands over defiant inmate […]

The Scimitar Falls; I’m Walking On

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I am in Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital, recovering from a radical prostatectomy that was performed on Tuesday. I have been assured by my physician that my prostate cancer has been completely eliminated and that I should be able to get on with my life without adverse consequences. As you may recall, I wrote a blog […]

It’s Hard to Let Go

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I was on a panel on Tuesday in Washington D.C. for communications professionals from the National Institutes of Health. They wanted to know how they operate in an environment where media authority is dispersed, confidence in government as a trusted source has declined and respect for science is profoundly diminished. One source of communicator frustration […]

Update on

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I had breakfast this morning in London with Richard Sambrook, who has been charged with making a major player among web based news providers. Here is an update on the progress of the BBC in the online space: 1) We have integrated all of our newsrooms, from radio to TV to web. Our theory […]

Open Season

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I am just back from vacation and was sent a link to Jason Calacanis’ monomaniacal riff in his subscriber based email on the shortcomings of PR people, titled, “How to Get PR for Your Startup; Fire Your PR Company.” Captain Ahab has nothing on Mr. Calacanis. Catch a few of his choicest cuts from the […]

The Wisdom of Negativity

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The Democratic and Republican conventions are upon us. In that context, I asked a few political experts about the wisdom of negative marketing, for candidates and for business. I had dinner on Monday night with John Quelch, Professor of Marketing at Harvard Business School. John has just completed a book titled, The Greater Good; How […]

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