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The Value of Creative Collaborations

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Today Edelman will be hosting the Sundance Institute’s New Frontier Day Lab storytelling program. The New Frontier program is designed to showcase new technologies and methods in storytelling, such as immersive designs, game theory and virtual reality.

Richard Edelman at Yale School of Management

Running a Service Business

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I was on a panel yesterday at the Yale School of Management with Sir Martin Sorrell of WPP, Dominic Barton of McKinsey & Company and Dr. Jeffrey Koplan, former head of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on managing a service enterprise.

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Triumph of the Human Spirit

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I saw the preview of a bold theatrical presentation on bipolar disorder (also known as manic depressive illness) at an off-Broadway theater in New York City on Thursday, which was funded by an Edelman client. The acting company presents three vignettes on living with someone who has bipolar disorder. In one skit, a young woman […]

Ever Think About Your Ancestors? Here’s A Possible Solution

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Faithful readers of my blog might remember a post about two years ago on the Edelman family’s journey from Russia and Poland, through Hamburg to New York City. I discovered that my paternal grandparents, Selig Edelman and Selma Pfeiffer, came separately to the United States as children. My grandfather, Selig, was a six year old […]

Tolerance and the Role of PR

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There have been several incidents in recent months that call into question our society’s ability to maintain a tolerant attitude at a time of geopolitical upheaval. We should not simply excuse the perpetrators on the grounds of momentary lapses of judgment. Words matter, often as precursors to action or indicators of future behavior. We need […]

Thoughts on 9/11

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I am certainly not the only person who will be blogging about the fifth anniversary of this unspeakable act against humanity. I simply have a few observations of a personal nature. First, I am grateful that my wife Roz, who was in the World Trade Center at her firm, Keefe, Bruyette and Woods, during the […]

A Jarvis Moment

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What do you know? I went to Citibank this morning to take out some money for the upcoming Labor Day weekend. In fact I took out enough money to have to file a Cash Transaction Report, a US Government innovation post 9/11. I innocently presented my check, my driver’s license and my Citibank card. I […]

L’Etat, C’Est Moi (The State, That’s Me)

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With these immortal lines, King Louis XIV of France provided a standard for those in government or in business, who believe that their individual leadership is the essential ingredient in the success of the enterprise. In keeping with this general line of thinking Saturday’s edition of the (sub. req’ed) Financial Times featured an article by […]

Two Extraordinary Men

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I had dinner on Sunday night with Shimon Peres, Foreign Minister of Israel, and breakfast on Saturday with George Soros, the founder of Soros Fund Management. I tagged along with Ned Lamont, my friend and candidate for US Senate (hey, whatever it takes to meet these kinds of people!). I was, needless to say, impressed […]

Ned’s Excellent Adventure

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A week ago, my friend Ned Lamont pulled off a stunning upset in the Democratic Primary in Connecticut. Running against three term incumbent Senator Joe Lieberman, who just six years ago was nearly elected Vice President of the United States, Lamont won by four points, amazing pundits and his own inner circle including yours truly. […]

Hit Me with Your Best Shot, Again and Again

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Der Spiegel, a leading German magazine, has a major feature story in this issue(translated into English by Edelman’s Hamburg office), titled “Master of Deception.” The subtitle tells it all, “PR is a growing billion dollar industry, primarily manipulating our perception of the world. The professionals from the industry are even assisting in staging wars.” The […]

Game On

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PR Week has it exactly right in its editorial on July 31. Julia Hood and her team have asked, “Can PR keep the ball if ad pros play on its field?” (sub. req’ed).The editorial states, “This could not be a larger watershed moment; the ad industry is trying to out-PR PR.” All of the talk […]

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