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Disgrace at Duke; What Took So Long Anyway?

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Disgrace at Duke; What Took So Long Anyway? President Richard Brodhead of Duke University took strong action on Wednesday, April 5 to reclaim the moral high ground after his school has been battered by a burgeoning scandal, with three Duke Lacrosse players accused of raping a dancer from a predominately African-American college at a party […]

Is there a Conflict within Workaholic Behavior?

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I am sure that all of you have noticed the upsurge in articles on the longer work days now being embraced or tolerated by employees around the world (except in France, but that is for another blog). Trains leaving New York suburbs for the City at 5 am are now quite full. Electrical usage, which […]

Brief Response to Mr. Guinane of the Guardian Newspaper in the UK

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This is a brief response to Mr. Guinane of the Guardian newspaper in the UK, who has at least been consistent in his skepticism about the role of the PR agency in the blogosphere. My comments to the NY Observer reporter did not suggest a covert desire to evade scrutiny of our corporate clients by […]

A View into the State of PR Education

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I spent Friday at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. Robert “Pritch” Pritchard, a 27 year veteran of the US Navy and now star instructor in public relations, organized a roundtable for the members of the Indiana Chapter of the PR Society of America to discuss the findings from our seventh Edelman Trust Barometer. During […]

If You Want Free Trade, PR Is Essential Ingredient

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I watched Team USA go down to defeat last night in the World Baseball Classic at the hands of a very capable Team Mexico. As the Canadians suffered during the Winter Olympics when their men’s hockey team failed to win the gold in a sport invented in their country, America has now surrendered its superiority […]

CNN Interview

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Below is the transcript from an appearance I made yesterday morning on CNN’s Reliable Sources with Howard Kurtz. I was joined by Jeff Jarvis of BuzzMachine. We discussed the Edelman Wal-Mart blogger outreach. Howard also made sure to ask me about my quotes in last week’s New York Observer. ———————— KURTZ: Welcome back. For several […]

The Wrong Message

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I was stopped by an enterprising reporter from the New York Observer at the recent PR Week Awards dinner. The reporter, Jason Horowitz, went on to write a piece headlined, “Publicists Lauded for Flackery: P.R. Gods Get Freedom From Press.” Horowitz’ thesis is that “PR people can get their messages across without pesky filters like […]

A Word to the Wise

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Today’s front page story in the business section of the New York Times by Michael Barbaro titled “Wal-Mart Enlists Bloggers in Its Public Relations Campaign” is the latest in a series of articles in mainstream media that criticize bloggers for questionable ethics. When paired with the Wall Street Journal‘s article on February 9 titled “Blog […]

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