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The Fork in the Road

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Alex Jones, press and public policy director of the Shorenstein Center at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, delivered an impassioned plea to the PR industry’s most senior executives at the PR Seminar’s annual confab last Thursday. He suggested that the future of “accountability news” is very much in doubt in the pure […]

The Edelman Technorati Deal; Why This Matters for Companies.

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Although Technorati is best known as the most comprehensive service for searching blogs — they currently index over 40 million of them — the company also provides the best analytic tools for tracking over time and in depth what the blogosphere is talking about. Until now, those tools have only been available in English and […]

Germany Redux

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You may recall my post on Germany after my recent trip to the country. I just received a package from Invest in Germany, an investment arm of the Government. It so amazed me that I had to blog about it. The cover is a drawing of flowers in the colors of the country (black, yellow, […]

I Was Syndicated–At Least for 45 Minutes

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As I blogged earlier I was at the Syndicate Conference this morning. Among the surprises for me: 1) So few advertising people came to the event. In fact, not so many PR types came either. I am talking about agency and corporate types. The audience was full of publishing people, such as USA Today. If […]

MP3 from Syndicate

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I had the privilege to participate in the Syndicate Conference this morning for a Q&A session about PR and new media. In case there was any lingering doubt that citizen journalism is happening in near real time, the MP3 of my session which ended about four hours ago has been posted by Josh Hallett.Technorati Tags:Publications, […]

CDC Gets Communications, Big-Time

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I spent yesterday at the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta (disclosure: I serve on the board of the CDC Foundation). What becomes clear is the priority now placed by the US government on communications in a crisis, with the goal of avoiding another New Orleans debacle. I walked through the Tom Harkin (senator from […]

Germany’s Future Depends in Part on PR

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I have spent the entire week in Germany (with the exception of a day in Amsterdam), spending time at major German companies such as Allianz, Burda Schering, and VW. As always, I come away impressed by the glamour of Munich, the efficiency of Frankfurt, the gritty edgy feeling of Berlin and the lovely orderly life […]

Gilmor Gang Podcast

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A Gilmor Gang Podcast about syndication that I participated in last week with Michael Arrington, Amanda Congdon, Jeff Jarvis and Doc Searls has now been posted.Technorati Tags:Podcast, Syndication, Media

Gum the Keyboard, Stop The Presses, PR Man is Movie Hero

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This has to be a Hollywood first. In an utterly forgettable movie, Fun with Dick and Jane, comic Jim Carrey is cast as Dick Harper, Vice President of Communications for Globodyne Corporation. The company is an agglomeration of 90s fraud machines Enron, Tyco, and HealthSouth, headed by villain CEO Jack McAllister, played by Alec Baldwin, […]

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