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Richard Edelman - American Marketing Association 2016 Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education

The Fifth Estate

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Richard Edelman addressed the American Marketing Association's Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education in Orlando.

Before I Was CEO

Before I Was CEO

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Richard Edelman was invited to be one of 20 CEOs profiled in a new book by Peter Vanham, a contributor to Forbes and the Financial Times, called Before I Was CEO.

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“The C Word”

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“How do you get butts in seats for a movie about cancer?” That was the challenge posed this morning on the phone by movie producer and friend Pascaline Servan-Schreiber about her new film, “The C Word”, which is rolling out across America.

2016 Edelman Trust Barometer War Room

The Art and The Science

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The Edelman Trust Barometer will be released in two weeks at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. With 36,000 respondents in 28 countries, this is the largest study of its kind on trust in business, government, media, NGOs, spokespeople and industry sectors.

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Around the Edelman World

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This past year I visited 25 Edelman offices around the globe. What struck me most and made me the proudest was the incredible level of enthusiasm and passion our employees have for the work we’re doing for our clients. It’s what would have resonated greatly with my father as well.

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Engaging the Hispanic Community

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The communications marketing industry is completely missing the boat on engaging the vital U.S. Hispanic demographic. This needs to be an essential part of any marketer’s playbook for the U.S.

Edelman Germany, ergo

Why Europe Now

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I am returning from Germany, where Edelman just closed a merger with ergo, a leading independent firm specializing in corporate, financial and public affairs. Started 20 years ago by Tobias Mündemann and Hans Ulrich Helzer, the firm has a dozen financial institutions, government agencies and several “Mittelstandt” clients.

Thank You

Giving Thanks

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I took part in a panel at the Summit at Sea conference in Miami a few weeks back. During the discussion, I was asked how to keep the culture of the family business as the enterprise grew to its present size.

Eiffel Tower


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It has now been a week since the horror of the terrorist attacks in Paris that took the lives of 129 innocent people. The people of Paris have demonstrated incredible courage, frequenting the outdoor cafes and going about their daily lives.

The Ad Council's latest anti-bullying campaign "I Am A Witness" focuses on a new emoji that combines an image of an eye with that of a speech bubble.

Emoji Power

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October was National Bullying Prevention Month so the coalition of Adobe, The Bully Project and Behance came up with a clever campaign featuring an emoji, an eyeball within a speech bubble.


Medium: A New Play for Sharing Ideas

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We have been pushing forward on a new way of storytelling we call collaborative journalism on behalf of a number of our clients. Our goal is to put news where it earns attention, where readers can access it on every device and interact with it.

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Water: The PR Challenge of a Generation

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The big challenge for water, which will require the brightest minds in public relations, is to persuade the consumer to drink recycled water. Now is the time to begin the education of the consumer about the power of technology for a safe, long-term water supply and shared sacrifice in consumption.

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