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Tips on How to Build an Instagram Community

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As a key channel in any social media strategy, Instagram allows you to create an engaged audience through visual content. Building your unique Instagram community is not instantaneous, but is achievable through thorough planning and careful application.

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The Importance of “Why” in Brand Storytelling

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In a world where technology has unlocked so many opportunities for brands to communicate with and learn from their consumers, it seems incomprehensible that some brands are focusing on bland product messages pushed out across a myriad of platforms where their audience may or may not be listening.

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11 Levers to Create Social Video

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While some TV spots can be very engaging and shareable, here are a few levers to use in creating video for social platforms that can help its impact and earned media.

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What is the Future of Content?

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Edelman Toronto conceived #ShopTalk, an event series in Toronto. These discussions, which will be held quarterly, aim to address the changing landscape of the communications industry in an intimate setting.

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