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Edelman's 2015 Client Leadership Academy in San Francisco

The Learning Generation

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Organizational change is occurring more rapidly than ever before and traditional training methods are no longer sufficient to remain competitive in today’s market.

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Matt Harrington, Richard Edelman, Dan Edelman and Russell Dubner on the rooftop of Edelman New York.

Five Memories of Dan Edelman

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When I think of Edelman's Founder's Day I think of two things: Dan Edelman and the deeply ingrained founder culture still vibrant in the firm today embodied through Richard. Here are five memories of Dan that have stayed with me and inform my actions to this day.

Yellowstone National Park

What I Learned on my Sabbatical

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I’m extremely fortunate to work for communications marketing firm, Edelman. Why? For many reasons but the one that I want to call out here is the time I got to spend away from the office during my sabbatical.

In between bridge crossing

The “In-between”

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Whether you have just graduated or are returning to school after finishing a summer internship, here are some takeaways from my PR internship that reflect on translating academic skills into assets for the workplace.

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Graffiti and Innovation

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In every sector, and every workplace, developing ways to foster creativity and innovation have become vital for businesses to find and maintain a competitive edge. As a result, there has been a surge in the amount of research seeking to identify new methods and tools that can sustainably, and consistently enhance creativity.

Edelman at Cannes, Cannes Lions, Cannes France

A Week to Remember: Cannes Lions 2015

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It is said that to remember is to live it again. That’s why I’ll never forget receiving the phone call that completely changed my life: "Congratulations, Diana, you’re one of the five winners of Edelman’s #TicketToCannes challenge."

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