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Kolkata's New Market bazaar

A Tale of Two Indian Cities

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Pia Singh had the opportunity to travel to two cities in India to spend quality time with her extended family through the Edelman Escape program.

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Trisch Smith, executive vice president and managing director of Diversity & Inclusion; Sophia Nelson, award-winning author; Mary Corcoran, Chief Operating Officer of  Edelman New York and Susan Isenberg, Global Vice Chair for Health.

Unlocking Life with “The Woman Code”

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As part of Edelman’s GWEN initiative, our New York office welcomed Sophia Nelson, the award-winning author of “The Woman Code: 20 Powerful Keys to Unlock Your Life”, to discuss keys that help women govern career choices, personal relationships and overall well-being.

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Ten Minutes with Gail Becker

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Inspired by a ten minute meeting with Edelman’s president of strategic partnerships and global integration, Gail Becker, this series will feature advice on career development, highlight growth opportunities and answer important questions.

Edelman's 2015 Client Leadership Academy in San Francisco

The Learning Generation

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Organizational change is occurring more rapidly than ever before and traditional training methods are no longer sufficient to remain competitive in today’s market.

Matt Harrington, Richard Edelman, Dan Edelman and Russell Dubner on the rooftop of Edelman New York.

Five Memories of Dan Edelman

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When I think of Edelman's Founder's Day I think of two things: Dan Edelman and the deeply ingrained founder culture still vibrant in the firm today embodied through Richard. Here are five memories of Dan that have stayed with me and inform my actions to this day.

Yellowstone National Park

What I Learned on my Sabbatical

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I’m extremely fortunate to work for communications marketing firm, Edelman. Why? For many reasons but the one that I want to call out here is the time I got to spend away from the office during my sabbatical.

In between bridge crossing

The “In-between”

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Whether you have just graduated or are returning to school after finishing a summer internship, here are some takeaways from my PR internship that reflect on translating academic skills into assets for the workplace.

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