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Iguaçu Falls

Bringing Brazil To Los Angeles

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Moving to Brazil was a humbling experience. Navigating a new city. Learning a different language. Finding an apartment. These challenges are taken to an entirely new level when moving to a foreign country.

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my cause in canada

My Cause in Canada

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In addition to the new language, new market, new office and colleagues, my Fellowship experience has given me an extra challenge: bring Brazil’s Brand Attitude methodology to Canada.

The Second Edelman Service Day with Open Hand

My Journey Starts in Atlanta

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After saying goodbye to my friends and colleagues in Shanghai, I started my first day at the Edelman Atlanta office on May 7 as a part of the company’s Global Fellows Program - a great initiative supporting the company’s mission of globalization and collaboration.

Mumbai rush hour

Why Did You Pick India?

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Why would I pick India for a fellowship? It's a question I got from practically every Indian I met while on honeymoon there in 2007. Click through to see why.

Introduction to the UAE and MENA PR Landscape

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One of the first things I did in Abu Dhabi was talk to Megan Tucker, the previous Global Fellow in the United Arab Emirates, and pick her brain before she headed back to her home office of Washington DC. Here is an interview with her.


Welcomed to the Windy City

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I left my home in Beijing, China and joined the Edelman Chicago office in May as part of the Edelman Global Fellows program. Working abroad has been an enriching experience for me. Take a look at my exciting adventures and things I’ve learned thus far.

Hong Kong - sort

Hong Kong: A Mirror of a Changing Society

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As I arrived in my first few days in Hong Kong, I was amazed to see the flourishing democratic spirit in the city, a strong spirit of tolerance, and active participation of the Hong Kongers from all walks of life to make a difference in the society.


A Rockstar’s Welcome to the UAE

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After starting at the Edelman Abu Dhabi office, I was lucky to embark on a helicopter tour with Matt Harrington, Edelman’s chief operating officer, and a few other colleagues. There, I had a chance to see how much Edelman touches the landscape of the city.

Enough space

PR Girl Heading to Booming Brazil

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Brazil will be among the fastest growing markets for public relations in the world over the next several years. For professionals like me, with over ten years of experience working mostly in pan-European or Spanish programs, leaving behind the “Old Europe” for a while is going to be a striking change.

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