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Bringing Brazil To Los Angeles

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Moving to Brazil was a humbling experience. Navigating a new city. Learning a different language. Finding an apartment. These challenges are taken to an entirely new level when moving to a foreign country.

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The Art Of Conversation

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Learning a language at any level often delivers a deeper level of understanding around the country's culture, vital for living and working abroad.

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Simplifying “Paid” for Marketers

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Social media marketing is blurring the lines between owned, earned and paid. While this has limited brands’ ability to leverage the organic reach of content, it has also given brands the impetus to break silos and create multiple, yet specialized touch points with their highly fragmented target audiences.

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Five Musts For Community Managers

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Social media enables brands to engage directly with their customers and build long-term relationships. This was my experience working with community managers on a Fortune 500 brand. More often than not, a brand’s virtual presence and identity greatly impact customers’ perceptions.

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