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Wise Leaders Invest in Media Training

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Reputations can be ruined by one misstep on social media or an errant comment in the news. With the volume of information we are receiving every minute, it is imperative now more than ever that companies invest in media training.


Thoughts From Milken 2015

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With more than 700 speakers and 170 panels, it was impossible to take in the full scope of the conference, but a few themes emerged from my own three days at Milken.

Working Mothers

Taking a Stand for Working Mothers

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The business case for women’s economic empowerment has finally hit mainstream. The next puzzle is engaging a wider audience to take a stand and enable this vision to become a reality.


Spain: The European Leader in Smartphone Penetration

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One of the biggest challenges that businesses in Spain will face in the coming years is to understand the growing importance of mobile devices in the everyday lives of users and to align marketing and communication strategies to include these devices as key means of connecting with their users.


Blockchain, Inc.

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I consider the blockchain to be a truly revolutionary development. The massively distributed ledger of the type used to maintain the integrity of Bitcoin transactions marks a great achievement in the context of the already transformational power of the Internet. Indeed, I believe blockchains to be a key milestone in fulfilling the Internet’s promise.

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