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All As One

Putting a New Value on Talent in Today’s Workforce

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If businesses can collaborate to define a new value of talent that is more holistic and accessible (beyond academic qualifications, economic class, gender or geography) and then utilize that value in fulfilling their purpose, both financial and societal, then we will truly have a chance at that shared destiny.

Energy Sector

Resetting Communications on Energy

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Two dynamics will loom large over Wednesday’s ‘Transformation of Energy’ session at the World Economic Forum: the oil price’s relentless slide to recent 12-year lows and November’s COP21 deal in Paris where political leaders surprised many with their determination to agree climate targets.

Hour of Code - Edelman Network

Hour of Code

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We are entering an age of exponential growth in technology that is making obsolete entire industries at a staggering pace, yet it is clear our ability to develop talent is not advancing at such multiples.

Little Give TO 2015

Surprise, Delight and Engage Employees

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A company’s employees are its most natural base of advocates for its value proposition, brands and services. Yet too often, there is a huge gap in how we communicate with them as employees versus as consumers.

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