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How Trust is Driving The Future of Money

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Reuters recently presented a panel, The Future of Money: Cashing out on Cash, to discuss disruption in the financial services sector and the future in how we pay. Panelists disagreed on everything from the role of startups to the value of a fiat currency, but agreed that money would be controlled by the most trusted parties.

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Road Trip With Financial Services East

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To realize the strengths of our global integration and the benefits of real-time collaboration, we conducted a two-week road trip to Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Dubai gathering our teams in the region to bring together 50+ executives to learn together and hatch new thinking.

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Milan Expo

Arrivederci Expo! We Will Miss You

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The Expo journey is the first time that Edelman Italy has participated in an event of its kind: consulting over 10 clients across the six-month event and managing a network of the highest members, from brands to countries, corporate to consumer.


Keys to a Successful Integration

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Despite the unprecedented level of activity, successfully merging two companies remains incredibly challenging. Numerous studies will tell you anywhere between 60-90 percent of integrations fail to achieve their anticipated value.

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