Peri Orbus

Trust and the CEO

What it Will Really Take to Rebuild Our Trust in CEOs

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The fact that executives at top companies have been publicly vocal about a societal issue signals a seismic shift in the role business leaders are hoping to play over public policy. They are looking to be agents of change, a trend that suggests the emergence of a new model of CEO leadership.

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Don’t Call Me a Consumer

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Curiosity is a door opener to humanity. Through curiosity, we avoid labels, feel empathy, view situations with an open lens and allow ourselves – at least for a short while – to see the world and experiences through others’ points of view.

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The Future PR Pro

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Michael Stewart's arrival from McKinsey & Co. marks the senior-most “non-traditional” hire our firm has ever made. In fact, this week is his first ever working in an agency.


Egypt’s Second Spring

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It has been a year since the first democratic election in Egypt’s history; the government has fallen, pushed out by the military and the presence of millions of people on the streets.


What Banks Can Learn From Cars

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The automotive industry, particularly in the U.S., has done what many banks have yet to do: repay their government loans. More fundamentally, it would seem that auto makers have returned to their core purpose.

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