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What is the Trump Factor for U.S. Brands Abroad?

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A version of this post initially appeared on SixtySecondView. Donald Trump is not the least popular President of the United States abroad.  Well not just yet.  That title is probably still held by George Bush who, thanks to the Iraq war, inspired 11-30 million people onto the streets of 60 countries to protest against him in […]


Lucky is a State of Mind

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I am an Australian male born in the 70s. A proud dad of two boys, Rupert and Harvey. And happily married to a fabulous lady called Carly.


Rosé Schmosé: The PR Industry at Cannes

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My social feed is already jammed with pictures and links to the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity and I am more than a little envious of those there and cursing a travel and budget schedule that keeps me away.


Creatives in the Boardroom

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A couple of weeks ago in our London office, I was shown a creative campaign about to be pitched to a client. It was perfect in that annoying “I wish I had been part of that” sort of way.


Service and Product

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It has become apparent that agencies need to act like product companies as well as service companies and that being both raises new challenges.

David Brain NZ Trust

Kiwis and Trust

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Kiwis are not that egalitarian and are positively “European” in matters of Trust, according to the first-ever Edelman Trust Barometer results for New Zealand announced in partnership with our New Zealand affiliate Acumen Republic.



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My initial reaction to the Sharapova drug test failure on Facebook was pretty negative. I guess “beauty” in crisis communications is sometimes in the “eye of the beholder.” But how did all of this play out? I thought I would run some numbers on it.

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