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Emerging Markets

Trust and Proactive Engagement

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Without active engagement programs, ambitious and expansionist companies from emerging markets will pay a significant premium trying to establish commercial partnerships, buy businesses or sell their products and services in the developed world.

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Edelman South Africa

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Today is a big one for our firm and we look forward to contributing to the success and development of our industry in Africa and, of course, learning a few new things ourselves along the way.


Words of a Generation: China

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We are now publishing these films because as we have shown them to clients and colleagues, they have sparked comments and reminiscences that have deepened our appreciation of what this generation has been through. We hope that in their publication they continue to do that.

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Trust in Asia Pacific 2013

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Trust is the foundation of corporate and brand reputation and in every culture and language there is a word or a phrase that conveys a remarkably consistent meaning. I hope that this taste of some of the differences that exist in the trust profiles of countries in the region encourages you to read the essays in the enclosed booklet.

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