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Reputation Management in the Era of @realDonaldTrump: #NowWhat

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It’s 6 a.m. and before you’ve poured your first cup of coffee, your phone alerts you to a spike in activity on your company’s Twitter account. A really BIG spike. Then the phone rings. And rings, and rings. It’s your boss. Analysts. Media. Congratulations – @realDonaldTrump has just mentioned your company in one of his early morning missives.


Renewed Energy and a Climate of Concern

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After an election cycle in which energy and environmental issues were mostly sidelined, President-elect Donald Trump has sent clear signals about the direction of his energy and environmental policies with a handful of appointments that indicate a resurgence for the fossil fuel industry.

Education in America

Trump and Education in America

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It is interesting, and even a bit ironic, that in an election where much was made of the “education gap” between voters with college degrees and those without, the actual subject of education has been largely absent from the issues list.

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