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As the late, great Mr. Bowie so eloquently and famously put it: turn and face the strange. But is it the beginning of a realignment of the political parties, or the end of that realignment?

No One Predicted This

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In this first of a series of video commentaries on the 2016 election, Democratic strategist Bob Shrum and Republican strategist Steve Schmidt share their thoughts on how an unprecedented era of fraud, the collapse of trust and free media have led us to a moment where, as Shrum puts it, “a 74-year-old curmudgeon from Vermont […]

2016 Elections – WTF!?

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From D.C. to California and almost every corner of the globe people have observed the U.S. presidential race and wondered how we arrived at this point. In the end, many have wound up scratching their heads and asking one simple question, “WTF?!”

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