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Young asian businesswoman with briefcase jumping over a gap in the bridge

Better to Say “Oops” Than “What If…”

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I once met a man who was actually a banker/hairdresser. “I do banking for money,” he offered “and hairdressing for enjoyment." It left me thinking about our individual ‘backslashes’ and what would happen if we could one day explore another passion. For me, today is that day.

Portrait of Female Pilots Sitting at the Cockpit

30,000 Feet Up: Tie One On Or (K)not?

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In today’s post-9/11 world, we rarely get to see pilots anymore. Yet on those rare occasions when we can actually catch a glimpse, rarely are those pilots female, which is hardly a surprise, given that only about 4 percent of all licensed airline pilots are women.

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Better Red Than Dead

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Yes, I know the title is a bit jarring… but that’s the point. One in three American women will die of heart disease; that means one woman every minute.

The BankerHairdresser

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I recently sat next to a man on a flight who was a banker. Oh, and he was a hairdresser too. Talk about showing up differently.

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