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Young asian businesswoman with briefcase jumping over a gap in the bridge

Better to Say “Oops” Than “What If…”

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I once met a man who was actually a banker/hairdresser. “I do banking for money,” he offered “and hairdressing for enjoyment." It left me thinking about our individual ‘backslashes’ and what would happen if we could one day explore another passion. For me, today is that day.

Portrait of Female Pilots Sitting at the Cockpit

30,000 Feet Up: Tie One On Or (K)not?

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In today’s post-9/11 world, we rarely get to see pilots anymore. Yet on those rare occasions when we can actually catch a glimpse, rarely are those pilots female, which is hardly a surprise, given that only about 4 percent of all licensed airline pilots are women.

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I Want Candy!

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I just finished watching all three presidential debates and witnessed, firsthand, a unique version of what I could think of no other name for but a ‘moderator Oreo’ – two vanilla outside shells (Jim Lehrer, Bob Schieffer) with a rich, colorful middle (Candy Crowley).

CED panel

Time to Think

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On issues of women and business, a myriad of conferences and meeting invitations have the potential to swallow up our fat calendars so I pose the question, how important is it that women spend valuable time and mindshare thinking about well, the status of women?

These Boots Were Made for Winning

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I remember precisely when it happened - the day I realized the symbolic connection (or lack thereof) between what a businesswomen wears on her feet and what she is thinking in her head.

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