Edelman Edge: The First Global Campaigning Methodology

In the history of the communications industry, there has never been a consistent methodology to decode a country’s campaigning environment objectively from a distance, and across markets.  This lack of a consistent prism to understand and prioritise the levers of influence across markets has resulted in an uneven, and sometimes ineffective, approach to campaigning on issues that spread across multiple geographies. This is why we created Edelman Edge.

Edelman Edge is the first global campaigning methodology designed to provide a comprehensive, objective analysis of the communications environment and key drivers of policy change anywhere in the world. It offers a scientific approach to cross-cultural communication based on deep analysis of 25 political, economic, social and cultural drivers. It not only examines the attributes of each market, but also offers critical insights into WHY each market’s campaigning environment is the way it is

Edelman Edge provides a roadmap for senior communications practitioners who need to understand the diverse, multi-market landscape that they manage. It gives a systematic, structured approach to global issue campaigning that results in highly effective communications to a range of stakeholder audiences.

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