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Health is about a lot more than not being sick. Today people of all ages, gender, race and geography want and live well, in body, mind and spirit. This all-encompassing view of health influences lifestyle choices, behaviors and actions, and extends the concept of well-being far beyond what might be discussed in a doctor’s office. People want to integrate wellness into their daily activities, their families, their workplace and community. Companies are also increasingly embracing wellness as a business and social imperative.

Edelman’s Wellness 360 offering is the partner of choice for this holistic environment. We have a broad and deep well of experience with clients from the entire spectrum of health and wellness. We bring together experts from all of Edelman’s practices to create integrated health and wellness messages, combining communications counsel, consumer marketing, public affairs, health, technology, nutrition, creative services and crisis management expertise to create galvanizing ideas and authentic communications that consumers are searching for.

We are media-agnostic, engaging and informing individuals on their own terms through seamless cross-channel strategies. Wellness is part of our DNA, right down to the health and nutrition programs we offer our own employees. We see the world of wellness whole – just like your customers.

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For more information about our capabilities in consumer health, please contact Jennifer Pfahler.

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