Data Visualization

Visual content is increasingly important for communicating in the digital age. Infographics or data visualization tell stories through data using the medium of effective, intelligent and transparent graphic design. Infographics take complex ideas and statistics and distil them down into digestible, often beautiful and irresistible forms which can drive search results, encourage sharing and provoke deeper levels of engagement.

Information visualization allows Edelman to provide industry leading communications solutions to clients to present their information in innovative and participative ways. As a story-telling company, we are interested in helping clients tell their stories through compelling graphics and content which can travel across all media. Edelman has developed its own approach to information visualization and has experience of delivering successful campaign with many leading clients. We’re also adept at taking complicated scientific information and bringing it to life clearly and distinctly through visual expression.

For more information about our capabilities in data visualization, please contact David Armano or Mark Deitch.

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