Shareholder Activism

Shareholder Activism

As shareholder activism continues to evolve, it presents new challenges and new threats to public companies. Being prepared is essential for management teams and company directors. Edelman helps clients prepare for possible activist approaches and crafts communications strategies to mitigate the risks.

Corporate Governance Advisory

Edelman can evaluate a company’s corporate governance profile for potential weaknesses that may be targeted by an activist investor or a proxy advisory service. Based on our analysis, we can advise clients on the best way to improve governance to secure a positive response from both investors and the media.

Evaluation of Potential Activist Investors

Working with clients’ existing stock surveillance teams, we identify potential activists in their stock and provide a detailed history of tactics and activism focus. Once potential activists are identified, Edelman works with the issuer to develop an appropriately calibrated investor outreach program to proactively address potential concerns.

Investor Relations Campaigns

We often find meaningful opportunities to improve investor understanding of a company’s strategy. Edelman aids clients in strengthening their IR programs to clearly articulate their business strategy and investment thesis. We then help them develop and implement effective communications campaigns to strengthen their relationship with investors and relevant media.

Investor Attacks & Contested Shareholder Votes

Activist attacks and contested shareholder votes challenge corporate governance, leadership structure and long-term business strategy. Once an activist investor threatens a fight or highlights a corporate governance weakness, directors and management will find themselves fighting a barrage of negative attention and publicity. Edelman works with its clients to mobilize a strategic communications campaign to defend against and overcome the activist’s threats. Edelman then works closely with its clients and their advisors to development investor relations and public relations tactics that reinforce campaign strategy.

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