Litigation Communications

Now more than ever, legal challenges make news. How a company is defined during a legal battle can potentially damage an organization’s reputation long after a trial concludes or a settlement is reached. A victory in the court of law doesn’t guarantee success in the court of public opinion.

Edelman’s litigation communications group combines the focus of a boutique shop with the resources of a global firm. Our national network of attorneys, crisis communications counselors, former journalists and political strategists helps clients navigate the intersection of the legal and public arenas to minimize unnecessary exposure and protect reputation, relationships and credibility in times of crisis. We provide confidential communications counsel to companies involved in all types of legal disputes. By working closely with clients’ legal and communications teams, we are able to identify and respond to critical news-making threats and opportunities in a thoughtful and efficient manner.

All communications are reputation communications and our strategic programs are designed to communicate to key stakeholders in a consistent and confident tone during the ebb and flow of unpredictable legal environments. Specific legal communications program elements can include: developing and testing a strong corporate narrative or story; preparing for possible scenarios; supporting legal spokespeople; providing strategic intelligence on all relevant factors and forces; and identifying and engaging third parties to provide perspective and context.

Our overall goal is to complement the litigation strategy and help the client to see that many challenges are really opportunities to tell their story, position themselves for life after litigation and “win” in the court of public opinion.

Some of our work includes protecting the Drummond Company Inc. against an Alien Tort Claims Act lawsuit, and preserving the reputation of the American Beverage Association when threatened with a childhood obesity lawsuit

For more information about our capabilities in litigation communications, please contact Harlan Loeb.

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