Market Entry

Market Entry

Edelman PERISCOPE helps companies research, understand, enter and communicate in complex foreign markets. 

When entering a new market, failure is not an option. Smart targeting and a well-executed entry strategy are essential. Indeed, 11 nations are expected to constitute nearly 60 percent of global GDP growth by 2022, economists predict.

In this globalizing – not globalized – world, each market is unique and complicated. You must speak “the language” of your target market. Whether a market entry is a product launch, a complicated public affairs issue, a Greenfield or Brownfield investment, a crossborder transaction, a joint venture or an overseas export, we can provide support through counsel and consulting services, a proprietary research product or our four-step PERISCOPE process.

At its heart, PERISCOPE is a research, communications and stakeholder engagement offering that emphasizes truly understanding the entry country/market, mitigating risk, building trust and positioning the entry product, deal or offering. It is comprised of local and global resources: regional leads across Edelman’s 65 global offices; subject-matter experts; seasoned strategic counselors from government, academia, politics and media; and partners in cultural training, forecasting, finance and political risk management.

PERISCOPE typically begins by leveraging insights from quantitative or qualitative research – e.g. focus groups, traditional polling, in-depth interviews or market research online communities (MROCs), among others – to understand the market and its stakeholders. We then work with your business team to determine a strategy, map stakeholders, determine pre-entry engagement and finalize an entry plan. Initially, the work is housed in the Edelman office in the host country; eventually, responsibility shifts and is taken over by the Edelman office in the entry market. However, every entry is unique and each approach is tailored.

Successful Market Entry: Know Your Market, Build Trust, Engage Smartly

Edelman’s research, stakeholder engagement, trust-based approach, diverse offerings and global reach combined with local know-how help companies enter some of the world’s most promising markets.

For more information about our market entry capabilities, please contact Chris Hayes.

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