Public Health

Companies, governments and individuals are concerned with improving public health—issues like HIV/AIDS, obesity and health literacy that affect people’s health and well-being in local, national and global communities. But while many organizations have the desire and means to effect real change in these areas, they may need strategic guidance to do so. For this reason, we use our expertise in public engagement to help clients tackle the existing and emerging health issues their stakeholders face.

To succeed in today’s rapidly changing environment, companies, brands and organizations must engage with a wider array of stakeholders on the issues that matter to them, communicate with them through the channels they use, and build their trust through authenticity and shared purpose. Engagement is particularly important in public health, in which a range of stakeholders must be galvanized and fully immersed in the issues at hand to solve major health problems around the world.

We are dedicated to helping clients generate understanding and actions to improve people’s health and lives in local, national and global communities. Our global, interdisciplinary approach brings together expertise in health, marketing and public affairs, and extensive engagement and relationships with stakeholders throughout society, to create campaigns that are relevant and galvanizing.

For more information about our capabilities in public health, please contact Kym White.

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