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Our approach to research is simple: It must be insightful, actionable, easily communicated and measured. While interesting data is nice, actionable data are critical.

By fusing cutting edge research design, advanced media analytics and competitive intelligence, we turn data into truly actionable marketing insights. Our deliverable is a holistic, end-to-end, integrated analysis of a market situation. We provide findings that put our clients on a path to victory.

We’re research experts in:

Primary Research: Edelman’s full-service research firm, Edelman Berland, provides evidence-based stakeholder insights, analysis, and media measurement to corporate, organizational and governmental clients globally. Our primary research offering allows clients to benchmark attitudes and opinions of an industry, company, product, brand or organization before launching a communications campaign. This insight enables clients to ensure they are addressing the right messages, and in some cases correcting existing misperceptions. We determine the optimal research methodology on a case-by-case basis, customizing our approach to meet unique needs and objectives.

Secondary Research: Edelman Berland provides competitive media intelligence, measurement and analytics solutions to clients spanning all vertical markets. Our Consumer Marketing practice might organize a PluggedIN community [living focus group] that clients can engage with as a segmented focus group. Our Digital practice has dedicated staff focused on identifying and understanding the implications of digital trends, providing thought leadership for our clients and our industry. Edelman’s Capital Cities Influencer Network, run out of our Public Affairs practice, is a highly targeted survey of up to 1,500 elite policy influencers working in key governmental and business capitals. All of these research activities, along with our partnerships with groups such as Iconoculture, Roper and other research houses, give clients the data to measure the overall effectiveness of a communications campaign.

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For more information about our capabilities in research insight, please contact Mike Berland.

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