Latin America

Whether strengthening brand loyalty for Starbucks or building global stakeholder relationships for Brazilian corporations like Vale, Edelman Latin America delivers world-class communications campaigns for companies doing business in one of the most complex and dynamic regions in the world.

Edelman opened its doors in Latin America in 1994 as the region, and Brazil, in particular, emerged as a global economic force. Today, Edelman ranks among the top six agencies in Latin America, with more than 300 employees in offices in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Miami, Mexico City and Bogotácombined with a strong network of affiliates in key markets throughout the region. Our clients range from regional businesses to multinational corporations, including a number of Latin American companies that are expanding into global markets.

We understand the importance of thinking globally, regionally and locally. To our clients, we bring a team of professionals adept at communicating in culturally diverse markets, and the capabilities of an integrated communications firm with expertise in leveraging the latest social media and digital tools to establish a new era of public engagement between organizations and their stakeholders. Our team specializes in corporate communications, consumer marketing, corporate social responsibility, crisis communications, digital and public affairs for a variety of business sectors including consumer goods, financial services, energy, healthcare, technology, entertainment, tourism and more.

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