Change is now the norm in education. New technologies, dramatic cuts in funding, and changing perceptions of value are forcing unprecedented shifts in education models, access, policy and public support. Even organizations with previously unassailable reputations are challenged to be nimble and responsive. Across the world, from research institutions to preschool programs, solutions to today’s education challenges are increasingly complex and stakes have never been higher.

Yet there is great opportunity for educational institutions and companies that serve academia to be heard and represented in new and meaningful ways. What used to be a lecture is now a dialogue. Students, parents, alumni, donors and stakeholders now expect 360 degree relationships instead of siloed communications. From the boardroom to the classroom, there is a growing awareness that we all have a stake in ensuring student success.

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Earned Brand 2017

The 2017 Edelman Earned Brand study, a study conducted among 14,000 consumers in 14 countries, explores the rise of belief-driven buyers, who will buy a brand, switch from it, avoid it and — at the extreme — boycott it based on a brand’s stance on a controversial issue.

University Reputations: The Truths Are Not All Self-Evident

Our new survey, “University Reputations and the Public” is showing that while the challenges are real, the public isn’t necessarily questioning what universities are actually doing, or offering. Interestingly, the disconnect lies more with how universities are communicating what they are doing.


The 2017 Edelman Trust Barometer reveals that trust is in crisis around the world. The general population’s trust in all four key institutions — business, government, NGOs, and media — has declined broadly, a phenomenon not reported since Edelman began tracking trust among this segment in 2012.


Student-Focused Leadership

Today, there’s been a fundamental shift on campuses in how leadership is viewed and in the relationship between administrators and students.

Trump and Education in America

It is interesting, and even a bit ironic, that in an election where much was made of the “education gap” between voters with college degrees and those without, the actual subject of education has been largely absent from the issues list.

Improving the Classroom Experience

I believe the business community can play a role in supporting these educators in their important work by investing in the creation of free resources that can be used to augment existing curriculum.

When Technology Meets Education

As technology becomes a bigger part of the UK education system, it’s interesting to consider how it will be able to improve the lives of children.

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