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The 2012 Edelman Trust Barometer has been covered by media around the world — including The Financial Times, BBC, The New York Times, CNBC, First Post.INDIA and dozens of blogs. Below is a list of media coverage and commentary about the 2012 Edelman Trust Barometer:

Richard Edelman on Bloomberg Radio
Richard Edelman on CNBC
Richard Edelman on CNTV
Richard Edelman on The Financial Times
Richard Edelman on Reuters TV
Richard Edelman on The Street
Alan VanderMolen on CNBC
Alan VanderMolen on
Alan VanderMolen on TGI (Alan’s piece begins 25 minutes and 36 seconds in)

BBC News
Trust in government has ‘suffered a severe breakdown’
Davos 2012: Has capitalism got a future? By Tim Weber

Financial Industry’s Least-Trusted Status Worsens in Annual Edelman Survey by Christine Harper
Also appeared in Bloomberg Businessweek
Davos Man Diminished by Scandal With Murdoch Perennials Missing by Simon Kennedy
Also appeared in Bloomberg Businessweek
WEF 2012: Heard in Davos by Jin Lee

Bloomberg Business Week
Incredible Shrinking Bankers at Davos Humbler Amid Austerity by Christine Harper

Obama Call for Tax Hikes Met With Resignation at Davos by Catherine Boyle
India trusts easy; IT, auto & banks top Edelman trust gauge
Stern Advice: How to Vet that investment adviser

CNN Money- Fortune
What U.S. companies can learn from Olympus by Eleanor Bloxham

Financial Post
A matter of trust by Dan Ovsey

First Post.INDIA
Despite Katju’s views, trust in Indian media shoots up by Anant Rangawami

Trust in CEOs Plummets, But Still Beats Trust in Government by Susan Adams
The Myth of Social Media Tactics Versus the Reality of Social Business Strategies by Mark Fidelman
The CEO Perspective: Trust, Transparency, CSR and Shareholder Value by Aman Singh
Looking for Beacons of Trust by Ken Makovsky
The Good Company by Shishir Prasad
Collapse In Trust Is A Good Predictor of Collapse In Governments by Steve Lombardo

International Herald Tribune
Keeping It Simple in a 25/8 World by Alison Smale

Market Watch
A PR guy we can trust by Al Lewis
Also appeared in the Denver Post

First Look- “Trust in Government Suffers a Severe Breakdown Across the Globe: by Mike Allen

The Economic Times
CEOs slip to fourth place on credibility index: Study

The Economist
Busted trust by M.B.
The death of trust by Koriyama, Rikuzentakata and Tokyo
Academic view: Learning how to trust

The Financial Times
Faith in government plummets, survey shows by Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson
Top 10 Davos surveys: what were CEOs thinking? By Andrew Hill
The US: The paradox of 2012 a defensive, short-term America by Gillian Tett
Davos rolling blog: Day 2 by Esther Bintliff and Claire Jones
Stressed? It’s the new normal by Gillian Tett
The technology of trust by Gillian Tett
Problem of business trust, says CBI chief by Brian Groom
The simple power of the doodle by Ian Sanders
Who Do You Trust? By Project M
The time is over for whingeing at the top by Ravi Mattu

The Guardian
Which do you trust less: government or business
Trust is in short supply – if we want our economy to grow, we need it by Veronica Hope-Hailey
Trust and the red-tops? It’s irrelevant to the millions who read them by Roy Greenslade
Do we trust our government? See how your country compares
Davos 2012: Reasons to be optimistic by Aron Cramer
Almost 70 % of British public distrust red-top tabloids by Josh Halliday
Why has trust in the media increased by Polly Curtis
Trust me, we should be concerned about Essex University’s honesty study by Michael White
Seven steps companies can take to rebuild trust by Clare Melford
Collaborating for change by Neville Isdell and Clare Melford

The Huffington Post
Edelman Trust Barometer 2012: Faith In Social Media Soars As Government Suffers Dip by Felicity Morse
Trust in Government Is In The Toilet Edelman UK Boss Says by Peter Guest
In Social Media We Trust by Rebecca Chao
When did they forbid love? By Amalia
Wall Street Employees, PR Machines Spout Differing Messages On Occupy by David Levine

The New York Times
How the Public Sees Business Rules by Floyd Norris
Off the Charts: Much of World Sees Need for More Regulation

The Sydney Morning Herald
Aussies don’t trust politicians: Survey
Also appeared on

The Washington Post
How the educated and elite view government by Suzy Khimm

Bulldog Reporter
National Distrust: Trust in Government Suffers a Severe Breakdown Across the Globe — Credibility of Governmental Officials and CEOs Experience Biggest Drops Ever, Edelman’s Just-Released 2012 Trust Barometer Finds
Also appeared on
Edelman Leads By Example: Taking a Page From Its Own 2012 Trust Barometer, Agency Enhances Its Employee Engagement Practice to Help Companies Connect with Employees and Build Trust

Campaign Asia
More consumers trust peers over traditional spokespeople: Edelman by Mathew Miller

Campaign India
Edelman trust Barometer 2012 released in India by Arati Rao

Trust in Government Plummets Worldwide by Kevin McCauley

The 2012 Edelman Trust Barometer: Faith in government plummets
Edelman Trust Barometer 2012 reveals a rise in our scepticism

2012 Edelman Trust Barometer: Government take a Hit by Tonya Garcia
Across Manhattan, Ethics is on the Agenda by Nancy Lazarus

Edelman Trust Barometer reveals distrust of UK government and business by Matt Cartmell
Also appeared on
Edelman Trust Barometer reveals only 30 per cent of public rates CEOs as ‘believable’ by John Owens

Trust in media up, says Edelman Trust Barometer by Danielle Drolet
Keep marketing close. But keep HR closer by Julia Hood
Bold comms strategy needed to restore trust in business by Margery Kraus
The cost of reputation and trust: priceless by Steve Barrett
Economic, trust issues dominate Davos discussion by Frank Washkuch
Comms pros fueling trust’s rise in the corporate consciousness
“Doing good” means little if not supported by real action
Reputation Pros to Banks:  Stop Hiding by Brittaney Kiefer
Our Job to rebuild trust by Paul Gennaro
Trust in business tested during this political season by Bob Feldman

The Holmes Report
Systemic Decline In Institutional Trust: Edelman
Edelman Names Two To Lead Restructured Employee Practice 

Increased Faith in Banks – But Not By Much

ABC Online
The dramatic collapse of trust in government by Chris Berg 
Democratic Society Needs the Guidance of the Wise by Adrian Pabst
Trust in financial industry declines: survey by Katie Keir

The 2012 Trust Barometer (Study) by James Collier

Atlanta Daybook
Trust in Government Suffers Severe Breakdown Across the Globe

Majority of British public distrust tabloids by Daniel Garrett

Asia Times
China dilemma: power vs freedom by James A Dom

Singapore ranked 3rd most trusting country by Reico Wong

Automotive is Second Most Trusted Sector by Winston Moore

Bank Investment Consultant
Looking Long-Term, There Are Dark Clouds on the Horizon by Paul Werlin

Belfast Telegraph
Trust in politicians ‘remains low’

Benefits Canada
The secret to easing benefits change by Susan Deller
65 Per Cent ‘Informed Public’ In Singapore Trust Local Media

Best of Pop
Richard Edelman on Trust in media mélange by popular

Borneo Post Online
Anwar’s remarks on security of Israel self-destructive’

Business 2 Community
Trust is Hard to Come by These Days by Paul Dunay
Also appeared on
Why Everyone Hates Your Company by Ryan Scott

Business & Leadership
Trust in government up 15 points to 35pc – Edelman survey by Grainne Rothery

Business Insider
Americans Trust Banks Even Less Than The Media This Year by Mandi Woodruff

Business Spectator
Fighting to keep the faith by Leon Gettler

Business Standard
Today, public approval is central to business: Richard Edelman by Arijit Barman & Viveat Susan Pinto
Also appeared on: 2g In The News
Even ‘you and I’ more trusted than Indian CEOs: study

Center for Research on Globalization
Institutional Corruption Is Killing the Economy by Washington’s Blog

CFA Institute – Market Integrity Insights
2012 Edelman Trust Barometer: Financial Firms Fall Farther by Glenn Doggett, CFA
Failure at Davos by John Ross

China Daily
Report: Rising consumer faith in companies by Du Juan

Church of Consumer Blog
People trust people: by Jackie Huba

City A.M.
Leaders’ fear of political unrest grows by Juliet Samuel
Davos Diary

Crain’s New York Business
What bailout? Banks hone message in new ad campaigns

Daily Mail
Dishonest UK: Lying, drug-taking, speeding and having an affair all seen as more acceptable in the modern age by Tamara Cohen

Deseret News
Trust in media rises, but drops for government by Michael De Groote

Digital Journal
We First Social Branding Seminar had More than 140 Major Brands Work through Their Social Branding Blueprint
Wary Canadians Can Now Shop Around Online for Financial Advisors by KYFA

Economonic Observer
Faith in Government, Coal Dependance and Delivery Fees

Edelman’s 2012 Trust Barometer reveals good news for digital marketers by Vikki Chowney
Also appeared on
Why brands need the human element by Heather Taylor

Emirates 24/7
UAE residents have great trust in institutions and leaders: survey by Staff

Ethical Corporation
Press Release: Centrica, Visa and Edelman on the importance of trust in business in 2012  – and how to build it by EC Newsdesk

Express Buzz
Davos founder: Focus on jobs, morals by Angela Charlton (written by the Associated Press)

F.A.R.E Content Marketing
3 Keys to Becoming a Trusted Brand by Chris Bechtel

Fast Company
The 6 Pillars Of Social Commerce: Understanding The Psychology Of Engagement  by Brian Solis

Financial Express
CEO slip on credibility index’

Financial Planning
How Planners Can Build Trust Among Clients by Donna Mitchell

Financial Post
Canadians distrustful of CEOs, energy sector by Dan Ovsey

Fleet Owner
The “trust” factor by Sean Kilcarr

Forum Blog
Davos 2012: Business needs to build trust by Jock Mendoza-Wilson
Has trust in UK journalism increased significantly? By Will Moy

Get “Fit for Randomness”
IBM Global CEO Study 2012:: customer-centricity v industry “eccentricity”  

Get Social PR
Trust in Social Media Surges as Skepticism Rises by Rodger Johnson

Edelman Trust Barometer Results: Worry or Opportunity by Chirs Hingginbotham

Hindustan Times
Trust in Indian media grew fastest in 2011-12 by Sanjib Kr Baruah
CEOs Slip to 4th place on credibility index: Study
Also appeared on: Times of IndiaAsian AgeDeccan ChronicleIndian ExpressFinancial, PTI, Economic Times

IBN Live
The Survey, which gauged the confidence levels in the last

Edelman Trust Barometer 2012 shows double digit increases in trust in social media

Illawarra Mercury
Aussies don’t trust politicians: survey
Also appeared on: Sky News

iMedia Connection
How to build consumer trust through social media by Tom Tesluk

Impact Interactions
Edelman Trust Barometer 2012 – Lessons for Social Media Teams

In Women We Trust
Trust Barometer 2012: Social Attributes are More Important to Build Trust by Mary Hunt
Stephen Donnelly:  I’m supporting the lesser of two evils and voting Yes

Inside Ireland
Only 9% of Irish People Trust Financial Institutions According to New Study by Daniela Cavaliere

Investment News
Car salesmen miles ahead of advisers in consumer trust

Irish Times
Trust in government ‘increases’ by Paul Cullen
Home-grown prejudice works against enterprise culture by Dan O’Brien
Is digital marketing technology being abused? By Gerry Brown

Aussies don’t trust government, but tech sector ok: report by Peter Dinham

Jakarta Globe
Indonesia’s Internet News Sites Come Into Their Own by Carla Isati Octama

2012 Edelman Trust Barometer highlights importance of communities by mdcrocker

Joy Online
Lying, drug-taking, speeding and having an affair all seen as more acceptable in the modern age by

Katya’s Non-Profit Marketing Blog
Why you need someone else to be your messenger by Katya

Marketing Charts
Global Trust Higher for Traditional than Online Info Sources

Marketing Land
Social Media Makes Gains As A Trusted Source, But It’s Still Behind Traditional Media by Matt McGee

Marketing Week
Are you investing enough in brand trust? By Branwell Johnson
Cheap date wrong way to build trust by Julia Hutchison

Matt Briney
Trust Barometer 2012 by Matt Briney

Marketing Magazine (Australia Blog)
Beat it into them, and they’ll believe? By Chris Byrne
Media and business gain trust, governments lose it

Mayors & Cities
Trust in government takes a dive across the globe by Charles Fredeen

Media Culpa
Edelman Trust Barometer 2012 says trust in social media is up by Kullin

Mindful Money
Distrust and its detrimental economic impact
Could social networks provide a moral compass for the City?

Money Control
Tata Group business is transformational for us: Edelman  by CNBC-TV

Money Management
Governments cop blame for financial crisis

Money web
Purpose, profits and people by Jerry Schuitema
Also appeared on
The trust in leadership crisis by Jerry Schuitema

Moscow Times
Russia Last in BRICS for Faith in Business by Irina Filatova

Mr. Media Training
Who Do You Trust The Most (And The Least)? by Brad Philips

Public trust in media rises but most think government is lying

My Customer
Trust recovery: How to save your brand when the **** hits the fan by Neil Davey

Nashville Business Journal
Lessons Learned: The trust factor

New Directions
WORKPLACE TRUST:  Trust’s Effect On Successful Change Initiatives and 5 Trust Breakers by Lisa Dunbar

New Europe Online
Europeans ‘increasingly distrust governments’ by Elisabeth Pearl

New Straits Times
NGOs, businesses most trusted institutions in Malaysia, says survey

New Zealand Herald
We have sinned, says founder as Davos forum opens
Britons losing trust amid integrity crisis

On Wall Street
Arianna Huffington Says: ” I Don’t Want My Investing to be Exciting” by Tom Steinert-Threlkeld

Trust in Western Leaders at 60-year low by Nick Rosen

In Businesses We Trust? 2012 Edelman Trust Barometer Says… by Tricia Morris

Paul Seaman
Reflections on Edelman’s 2012 Trust Survey by Paul Seaman
PhillyDeals: Scores of managers laid off by First Niagara bank by Joseph N. DiStefano

Piaras Kelly PR- in Ireland
Irish Results of 2012 Edelman Trust Barometer by Piaras Kelly

Pitney Bowes Software (blog)
Becoming customer centric will build trust and win hearts and minds by Paul Laycock

Edelman’s Trust Barometer: Latin America with the Highest Levels of Trust in Business by Carolina Re

PR Daily
IS JP Morgan’s $2 bill loss the worst PR disaster of 2012 (so far)? by Michael Sebastian

PR Warrior
Perspectives on Trust from Edelman Sydney {Video Interviews} by PR Warrior

PR Web
Corporate Online Reputation Management Expert shares advice for Business Executives
The Penn State Scandal and What Every Entrepreneur Can Learn From It

Prague Daily Monitor
Poll: Czechs less trustful than most Europeans

Press Gazette
Survey: 68 per cent say they distrust tabloids by William Turvill

UK integrity crisis: 1/3 trust officials

Producers eSource
How to Protect & Enhance Your Reputation by Michael Lovas

Davos elite’s largesse fails to appease critics by Emma Thomasson

RTE News
9% of Public trust banks, barometer shows
People let down by government turning to social netowork’s

Russia Today
‘People let down by government turning to social networks’

Sacramento Business Journal
Survey: People still distrust government, business, media by Melanie Turner

Sand Hill
The Trust Factor in Technology Companies and Social Media Marketing by Kathleen Goolsey

SB Wire
Switzer Super Report Continues to Attract Self-Managed Fund Investors

Edelman’s trust barometer 2012 by fredzimmy

Trust in media high in Indonesia: survey by XINHUA

Social Fish
MUST READ: 2012 Edelman Barometer is out by Maddie Grant

Steve Seager
2012 Edelman Trust Barometer and why Trust matters by Steve Seager

Straits Times
Singapore 3rd most trusting country in the world: Survey

How Technology Can Solve the Financial Industry’s Deficit Of Trust by Mike Sha

Tempo Interaktif
Indonesians’ Trust for Media is Highest in the World by Muhamad Rizki & Efri Ritonga

Triad Business Journal
How to ensure your company avoids ‘trust gap’ by Dale Edwards

The Economy

Triad Business Journal
How to ensure your company avoids ‘trust gap’ by Dale Edwards

Turbo Charged Leadership
How About Trust Intelligency by Joel DiGirolamo

The Australian
Untrustworthy politicians failing us: Survey by Lanai Vasek

The Alternative
2012 Edelman Trust Barometer

The Big Picture
2012 Edelman Trust Barometer Global Results by Barry Ritholtz

The Business Times
Businesses in S’pore are not meeting public expectations: survey by Carine Lee

The Core
Edelman Trust Barometer: Employee Blogs: Your SEO Weapon 

The Drum
Edelman attitude survey finds “unprecedented” plunge in trust in government – whilst media becomes more trustworthy by John Glenday

The Financial Brand
Study Shows Consumers Distrust Banks More Than Any other

The Grocer
Shoppers more confident over drinks makers’ noble intentions by Julia Glotz

The Independent
Simon Blackburn: The important thing about dishonesty is that we should try to be honest about it by Simon Blackburn

The Jakarta Post
Media must be fair and balanced in coverage: SBY by Bagus BT Saragih

The Malay Mail
65% “informed public” in Singapore trust local media by Bernama

The Malaysian Insider
Survey: 52pc of Malaysians trust government by Shannon Teoh

The Next Women
Davos Debrief: Data, Power, Happiness – It’s Getting Personal by Paul Writer

The Orange County Register
Survey: Californians trust tech firms most, banks least by Jan Norman

The Ranger
Ranger transforming

The Spokesman-Review
BBB Tip of the Week: All marketing begins with trust  by Holly Doering

The Star
From Davos to Tahrir Square by John Bell

The Star Online
Numbers you can trust? by Errol Oh

The Strategy Web
Edelman Trust Barometer 2012: CEOs down, Social media getting better… by Martin Meyer-Gossner

The Street (Video)
CEO’s and Government Officials Least Trusted
Forget Old Media – It’s Facebook First
Global Leaders: Business Will be Okay in 2012

The Sun Daily
Malaysians trust NGOs, businesses more by Hemananthani Sivanandam
Perception of bias hampers trust In media by Hemananthani Sivanandam and Azizul Abdul Ismail

The Wall
Consumers don’t want more Facebook pages they want better dialogue from companies and brands by Peter Sigrist
Trust Barometer rates media above government
Column:  Corruption has played a starring role in Ireland’s economic crisis 

Toby Webb’s Smarter Business blog
Key Stats from the Edelman Trust Barometer: Biz down, media up by Toby Webb

The Economy

Trust & Confidence
Trust critical but slides in the UK

US Daily Review
Edelman Trust Barometer Points to a Tough Year for Capitalism by Richard Telofski
Earning trust is good for business by Harvey Enchin

Video Commerce Consortium
How To Be a Customer Service Champion with Social Video – Part 2 by Grant Crowell

Winnipeg Sun
In non-governmental organizations we trust by Warren Kinsella

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