Indonesian Healthcare Professional Survey 2013

Now two years old, the Edelman Indonesian Healthcare Professional Survey is Edelman Indonesia’s initiative to discover the behavior of general practitioners (GPs) and specialists when seeking and disseminating healthcare information. This year’s survey found that today’s healthcare professionals (HCPs) are turning to the Internet to empower patients with information while also using the Internet to strengthen their professional network.

Four out of five HCPs in Jakarta – and three out of four HCPs in Bandung, Surabaya and Medan – crawl the Internet for work-related information, preferring it to other information sources.

Conducted with University Gadjah Mada, one of the largest and most renowned public universities in Indonesia, 421 GPs and specialists in the four major cities in Indonesia were interviewed for this survey. It was discovered that less than half of the GPs and specialists across the four cities surveyed said they understood the policy mechanics of the upcoming Universal Healthcare Coverage and how the program will work in 2014. In Jakarta, doctors felt slightly (but only slightly) less aware than their colleagues in the regions.

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