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Not only is Cologne a metropolis of 2,000 years, but the city is among Europe’s top locations for international business. Many major industry leaders, broadcasting corporations and startups are located here, in the capital of German carnival.

The Edelman.ergo office in Cologne focuses on corporate and financial communications as well as on financial services. Awarding their great work, Germany’s business-focused media outlets regularly award us to be among the finest communication houses.

With a dedicated team, leading quality scores, a long line of industry awards and an impressive growth history, our team in Köln is a valued partner both for our clients and our network.

E.e-fact: Although the Edelman.ergo office is located quite far away from the Rhein river or any sea, you can find an old lighthouse in this district of Cologne.

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Edelman.ergo Cologne Contact Information:
Agrippinawerft 28 · 50678 Cologne | Tel: +49 (0)221 912887 0
CEO Germany: Susanne Marell,
Managing director Financial Services: Holger Nacken,
Managing director Corporate Communications: Santo Pane,

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