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I have been in Beijing and Shanghai for the past few days. I have several insights gleaned from conversations with business people, reporters, my colleagues and government officials. First, China is more like the constituent parts of Europe than the single market of the US in the diversity of economic status and level of development. […]


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I have just landed in Hong Kong after spending a week in India and Singapore. It was utterly surreal to be dropped into India straight from the Upper West Side of New York City. I feel slightly strange even now about the experience, sitting high atop the Hyatt overlooking Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbor, wondering why […]

Friends of Gus Weill

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I write this on the plane en route to India, which I will report on later in the week. Today’s subject is not a happy one. My friend and former colleague, Gus Weill Jr., age 42, passed away three weeks ago in New York City. Gus worked for me at Edelman in the late ’80s […]

Addressing Obesity

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I am writing from Atlanta, where I am attending the annual board meeting of the CDC Foundation, the non-profit organization that helps the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention partner with the private sector. Last night at dinner I sat next to Mary Lewis, who has a radio show on National Public Radio. Her program […]


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Thanks for your comments. A couple of the thoughts raised were actually part of two interesting meetings this week. I heard Andre Harrell and Damon Dash (of Rocawear) speak about Hip Hop Marketing. I also had a breakfast with Steve Knox of Tremor, CEO of a word-of-mouth marketing consultancy. Put this together with a Sunday […]

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