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Ethics in PR

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The PR industry suffered two blows in the past month. The Wall Street Journal reported that Qorvis, a Washington, D.C. based public affairs firm, on behalf of a large insurance company, recruited third party experts on an anonymous basis (via a speakers bureau) to criticize regulatory overreaching by NY State Attorney General Spitzer. This led […]

Gettysburg, Lincoln and Principle-Based Leadership

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I have just joined the Board of Directors of the Gettysburg National Battlefield Foundation. Our goal is to build a new museum at Gettysburg to educate the two million visitors who come each year. The mission of the museum must be to describe the battle but even more importantly, to explain the great principles that […]

A Personal Journey

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My colleague in Hamburg, Germany, Cornelia Kunze, put me in touch with the city managers who intend to build a Museum of Emigration in the old port area. This will be a mirror image of the Ellis Island Museum in New York Harbor. Between 1880-1913, about nine million Europeans sailed from Hamburg and Bremen to […]

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