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Co-Creating and the growing power of ‘average person like me’

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The most profound finding in the Edelman Trust Barometer 2005 – out annual study of 1500 opinion leaders in eight countries – is the rise of the “Average Person Like Me” as a trusted spokesperson. The average person now ranks as high as academics and physicians as a trusted source of information about a company. […]

Trust the One You’re With

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Three stories caught my eye this week. The first is Citigroup’s effort to change its corporate culture in the wake of scandals in the private bank in Japan and on the trading desk in London. The second is the revelation that a fraud ring has penetrated the computer system of consumer credit information house Choice […]

Come Together Right Now

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Sunday’s New York Times article by Tim O’Brien, titled “Spinning Frenzy: P.R.’s Bad Press,” is a wake-up call for the PR industry. He suggests that the Armstrong Williams imbroglio is the result of the confluence of several trends, including industry consolidation, the boom in alternative media sources, and the continued tension between the two schools […]

Intersecting Circles

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I read with interest an article in last Wednesday’s Wall Street Journal by Alan Murray. He challenges the wisdom of a chief executive officer attending the World Economic Forum in Davos. He contends that A.G. Lafley of Procter & Gamble in staying at home to make the deal to buy Gillette is serving his shareholders […]

News from Davos

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I just returned from the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland. I will try to give you a quick sense of the tone of the meeting, then a specific report on each of the sessions I attended. In past years, I have told you that it was the year of technology (1999), the […]

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