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Greece, Turkey and Thoughts from Vacation

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I have been traveling through Greece and Turkey in the past eight days with my family. Here are a few experiences that might provoke a laugh or nod of recognition. While walking through Ephesus in Turkey, our guide pointed out what is regarded as one of the first known advertisements. Engraved on a piece of […]

Break the Downward Spiral

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Sunday’s New York Times article, titled, “Under Bush, a New Age of Prepackaged News,” is further evidence of our need to break the negative news cycle that is enveloping our industry. From the Armstrong Williams debacle to the new storm on the legality and desirability of video news releases, the PR community has serious challenges. […]

The future — social computing ?

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I had an opportunity to visit on the phone with Chris Charron of Forrester Research. We were discussing the opportunity for public relations in a world of blogs, fragmentation of the media business and lack of trust in institutions. He put forward the concept of Social Computing, in which consumers take signals from their peers. […]

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