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The Promise of Girls’ Education

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It is a special week for our family, as my eldest daughter graduates from high school. She has amazing determination, innate good sense and wonderful curiosity. She will make her mark on the world. This leads me to write about a seminar I attended yesterday at the Council on Foreign Relations in NY City on […]

Asia Rising

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I am just back from a long trip to Asia. I was in Seoul (note my previous blog on OhMyNews), Tokyo and Beijing (at the Fortune CEO Conference). I have several thoughts for your consideration. 1) Pay TV versus Advertising Supported TV in China–This is really a window into a broader debate on the needs […]

Citizen Journalists

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I met for lunch today in Seoul, Korea with Yeon Ho Oh, founder and CEO of OhmyNews, an interactive newspaper that he launched in 2000. I first met Mr. Oh over lunch at the World Economic Forum in Davos and we promised that we would get together at some point in the future. OhmyNews is […]

Just in Case Versus Just in Time

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I had a very interesting discussion this week with Julie Gerberding, director of the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, at our semi-annual board meeting of the CDC Foundation. We were talking about the experience of Toronto during the SARS epidemic and about the incredible coverage of the recent study from the University of California […]

Beyond Dolly Levi to Facilitating Public Relationships

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I had a fascinating discussion with blogger extraordinaire David Weinberger on Friday in Boston. David has been consulting with our firm on our Word of Mouth offering. He provides the necessary note of skepticism to those of us convinced that public relations people are the natural leaders in a communications world increasingly driven by the […]

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