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Citizen Journalism – A Brave New World for PR

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Some of you may recall that I recently blogged about Oh My News, a Korea-based citizen journalist-driven online news outlet created by Mr. Yeon-Ho Oh. So far, Oh My News has signed up 30,000 citizen journalists, who are a paid nominal fee when their stories are published. I recently asked Hoh Kim, who heads our […]

Tired of the PR Pinata Game? Let’s Change the Rules

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You know the Mexican party game where participants are blindfolded and try to whack a paper mache shaped like a lantern or horse with a stick until it breaks, yielding its treasure of candy. I feel like the much abused pinata when I read stories like this morning’s subhead in the NY Times stating, “Visa […]

The Third Screen–A Real Chance for PR

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I met this morning with Alex Bloom of Verizon Wireless. I wanted to better understand the promise of communicating via wireless devices, or the Third Screen (after PC and TV). I had been told about the V-Cast service by an executive at Fox, who had been responsible for the creation of the 24 Conspiracy, a […]

London and the Triumph of the Human Spirit

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It has taken me 24 hours to organize my thoughts in the wake of the dastardly bombings on Thursday morning in London. There was too much emotion welling up inside, from horrible memories of 9/11 to pure anger at the cowardice of the perpetrators, to write in an objective manner. London’s Mayor Ken Livingstone captured […]

Independence Day

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I have just read 1776, David McCullough’s new book about the American Revolution, certainly appropriate given the time of the year (for non-Americans, July 4 is the day that the Declaration of Independence was signed in Philadelphia, declaring the United States of America to be free of British rule). In his conclusion, the historian describes […]

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