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The Flying Spaghetti Monster

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I went on a private tour of the Brookhaven National Laboratory yesterday in Long Island. It is an impressive facility, one of nine such installations around the US. The scientists at Brookhaven are particularly focused on research in high energy physics, using the 2.5 mile Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider to fire gold ions at the […]

Observations from Vacation

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I have been on vacation for the past five days. While puttering around my house, I found a dog-eared copy of Eugene O’Neill’s “The Iceman Cometh.” One of his characters, Larry, observes early in the play, “You asked me why I quit the Movement. For myself, I was forced to admit, at the end of […]

PR–The Powerful Receiver?

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I met last week with Peter Hirshberg, president and right hand man for David Sifry, founder and CEO of Technorati. As most of you know, Technorati monitors 14 million blogs, which the company considers the leading edge of discussion on the Internet. We had a wide-ranging conversation about the blogosphere. Naturally I turned the conversation […]

Happy Birthday to a Little Sister

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So you are passing a major threshold on Thursday. You would rather not call attention to yourself on this special day. That is exactly in keeping with your approach to life. Give to others, expect nothing for yourself. Sorry, but your older brother wants to celebrate your birthday with a few stories about Renee Edelman. […]

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