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Today for You, Tomorrow for Me

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I have been in Chicago visiting my parents for Thanksgiving weekend. I saw the new movie, RENT, a cinematic adaptation of the long-running Broadway hit musical. Though I have heard the sound track innumerable times at my home in Manhattan (a favorite of my teenage kids), Angel’s song Today for You, Tomorrow for Me, had […]

Is Public Relations Ready for Discontinuous Change?

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As the Thanksgiving holiday nears, I try to gather my thoughts on the year past and to anticipate the year ahead. The most striking development for our industry must be the fundamental shifts occurring in media. Here are a few statistics: * Every dollar coming out of print advertising revenue for newspapers is replaced by […]

A View of the Blogosphere From the Other Side of the Pond

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I have just returned from a four-city trip to Europe, including stops in Hamburg, Brussels, Geneva and London. As part of my journey, our firm held a roundtable on blogging last Friday in London. Here are a few of the key points made during the session The development of the blogosphere is lagging, with the […]

Score One for the Luddites

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The Forbes cover story in the November 14 edition, titled, “Attack of the Blogs! They Destroy Brands and Wreck Lives Is There Any Way To Fight Back?” is a stunning attempt to create a parallel reality. In a style reminiscent of former President Richard Nixon, the article skewers the blogosphere as “the ultimate vehicle for […]

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