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Berlin, A Crucible for Europe

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I have just returned from a family vacation in Europe. It was the first time I had taken the gang to Berlin. I come away with very mixed emotions, a profound sadness for what has been but a sense that this could become one of the ten most important global cities in the future. This […]

His Master’s Voice–How Not to Select a Corporate Blogger

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I had breakfast in London today with Suw Charman, a leading blogger in the UK market ( We had a very animated discussion about corporate blogging, in particular on who might be the best person to be the lead blogger in a corporation. It may well not be the chief executive officer (present company excepted) […]

I Am Even More Certain That Now Is Our Time

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I convened our annual Edelman Executive Committee meeting last week in New York. We were fortunate to have outstanding speakers who gave their views on the communications business. The experts were Lauren Fine, media and advertising analyst from Merrill Lynch; Jonah Bloom, deputy editor of Advertising Age; Jeff Jarvis, the blogger behind; Andrew Heyward, […]

Pay for Play Back for A Second Run in Baghdad

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I could not believe my eyes this morning when I read the headline in the New York Times, “U.S. Said to Pay to Plant Articles in Iraq Papers.” In an article by Jeff Gerth and Scott Shane, the paper says a Washington-based public relations firm, the Lincoln Group, is “paying newspapers to print government propaganda…and […]

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