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The Me2 Revolution

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I wrote the following essay for the annual Edelman Trust Barometer brochure, which will be published as an insert in PRWeek on February 13th: The traditional approach to corporate communications envisages a controlled process of scripted messages delivered by the chief executive, first to investors, then to other opinion-formers, and only later to the mass […]

Enough Already

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Another wonderful morning reading about the sleazy behavior of a so-called PR firm paying off a journalist to write favorably about a client. The stories in USA Today and the NY Times describe a pay-for-play arrangement organized by PR firm The Lewis Group with journalist Audry Lewis, a freelance journalist who received $10,000 for articles […]

Some Stereotypes Die Hard

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Tom Foremski posted a story yesterday afternoon that attempts to make the case that the PR industry is in for a big fall. Tom makes some keen observations, which are certainly corroborated by this firm’s experiences, namely, * PR has been growing in the last two years * PR is looking to attract staff and […]

The Slippery Slope

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Two articles in the past week indicate a possible trap for the PR business as we consider the opportunity to respond to or even circumvent “traditional” media by going right to audiences through the Internet. Story #1 was about the football team in Washington, the Redskins. In a story on Jan. 4 titled “Redskins Try […]

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