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The End of the Historic Media Model?

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This morning’s announcement by Dow Jones that it will merge its online and print divisions is further evidence of the end of a media model which used geography, time and platform as means of generating discrete revenue streams. L. Gordon Crovitz, publisher of the Wall Street Journal and now president of Dow Jones Consumer Media […]

True Power Lies in Being Flat as a Pancake

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Tom Friedman, the New York Times Op-Ed columnist, has a corner on the “flat” market. But Paul Saffo, founder and director of the Institute of the Future in Palo Alto, has added an interesting twist. A quick personal note–Saffo and I rowed freshman crew at Harvard and have been friends since 1973 when we froze […]

Joining the Me2Revolution

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I have never used my blog as a means of self promotion or hyping our firm. But this morning, Steve Rubel, of MicroPersuasion fame, has decided to join Edelman, to make the Me2 Revolution happen even more quickly. He joins Phil Gomes, Guillaume du Gardier and Mike Krempasky as experts in stimulating the conversation. Steve […]

The Fight Against Cancer–Finally Some Good News

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I hosted a dinner last night at my home for Dr. Lee Hartwell, president and director of the Seattle-based Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research ( Center (disclosure: an Edelman client). Dr. Hartwell is a Nobel prize winning scientist who has run the Center for the past decade. The dinner coincided with this week’s announcement that the […]

Davos Conversations on the Future of Media

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I’ve just returned from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. This was the first year that I was part of the Media and Entertainment Governors group. We also met with the Information Technology Governors, and I thought you might be interested in some of participant’s keen insights:”The future is in our hands as journalists. […]

Comment on The Me2Revolution

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I am humbled by the encouraging response to my most recent post. I am particularly thrilled with the comments by Doc Searls ( who has rightly suggested that we are moving to a new form of production. We are eschewing the role of PR person as spokesman, replacing it with dialogue and conversation. That implies […]

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