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Thanks to a Friend of Edelman

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As you may have seen in the coverage yesterday, Leslie Dach has resigned as vice chairman of Edelman to go to Wal-Mart as one of the top seven executives in the company. Leslie stands for all that is good in our profession. He is brilliant, passionate, kind, socially conscious and committed to excellence. His work […]

His Master’s Voice Turns Real

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The Radio Corporation of America (RCA) used a cute black and white dog sitting next to a speaker to promote its new true to life music recordings beginning in the 1930s. The dog, Nipper, is drawn to his master’s voice, faithfully projected from the new fangled audio system and the LP, or long playing record […]

How To Mobilize The New Players on the Field

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I had another in my series of conversations with Paul Saffo last week. For those who might not remember, Paul and I rowed freshman crew together at college. Our recollection is something like the scene from Ben Hur, with Charleton Heston pulling on the oar with the other slaves. Back to the subject…how to energize […]

Serious Case of Malpractice

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It had to happen some time. An account person from GCI (one of Edelman’s competitors) has unleashed a gratuitous attack on Jeff Jarvis, the widely-read blogger, in a comment on Jarvis’ blog. Why is this comment so wrong? First, the comment is personal, not substantive. Jarvis is alleged to not have a life and is […]

Get Back Onto the Field

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Your faithful blogger took a week off..yes that meant freedom from the blackberry and even from my blog. I can give you one very funny line from a restaurant wall in Monterrey, California, from the golfer Chi Chi Rodriguez, “I never exaggerate, I just remember big.” I also want to tell you how pleased I […]

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