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The Eyes Have It–A New Year’s Message of Hope from India

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I am bouncing around in a Jeep on a dusty road in Rajastan, the third poorest state in India. My family is near despair as we are now at least an hour and a half from our hotel in Jaipur. We have been promised a view of India’s future, the Barefoot College, a night school […]

The Inside Game Won’t Work in India

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I had lunch today in Delhi with a group of NGOs, academics and business leaders, arranged by the International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF). This discussion comes in the wake of the dispute between the provincial government in Kerala, then the Indian Government and two large multinational soft drink makers, Coca Cola and Pepsico, over allegations […]

Business Media Strategies Diverge at Year-End

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I have spoken in the past two weeks with senior editors at Business Week, the Economist and the Wall Street Journal. All of them recognize the inexorable move of readers to on-line media and acknowledge the problem of delivering high quality but high cost news while advertising revenue declines. They have quite different strategies for […]

The Information Haves and Have Nots

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I was flying back from Nashville yesterday and the flight attendant on Jet Blue asked for the newspapers and magazines that I had discarded on the adjacent seat. When I handed her the stack, she said, “You know, I haven’t read the papers in a while. There is too much depressing news in them. I […]

Three Points of Light on World AIDS Day 2006

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Bobby Jacobson, editor of Opera News, was a tall, elegant and intellectual man who was the first of my mother’s clan (her nephew) to come to New York City to pursue fame and fortune from the Wisconsin dairy land. When my sister and I moved to New York, he gave us a window into high […]

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