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Reflections on The Allman Brothers

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I had not been to a rock concert for 25 years, since I saw Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden on New Year’s Eve 1982. When my new buddy, Cody Willard, suggested that we go to the Allman Brothers concert at the Beacon Theater on Tuesday night, I could not resist. My wife, Roz, is […]

Taking the Show on the Road

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One of the most venerated techniques in PR is the media tour, which my father, Dan Edelman, created in the late 1940s with the Toni Twins (which Twin has the Toni?). A spokesperson goes on the road, appearing on local television and taking interviews with local print and radio outlets, endorsing a product, telling a […]

Death of a Spokesperson

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I noted the passing of Marjabelle Y. Stewart last week. Described in the NY Times obituary as “the Queen of Couth,” Ms. Stewart presided over a “vast, genteel empire of books and classes on etiquette.” In fact, her pupils included the daughters of Presidents Johnson and Nixon, who attended her Washington, D.C. charm school “where […]

We Are Gaining Market Share

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I just read Alan Gottesman’s excellent article in Ad Week on the employment statistics in the marketing communications sector for the past fifteen years. And the winner is… (drum roll) public relations. Disclosure—I have known Alan since the mid-80s when he was the advertising analyst at LF Rothschild, a boutique investment bank and see him […]

Observations on Obama—Lessons for CEOs on Leadership?

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Yesterday I attended a small gathering of business executives in New York City, where Senator Barack Obama told us why he is running for President of the United States. I will not write about his political views; there are others much better qualified to evaluate his platform. Nor will I endorse his candidacy. I’m simply […]

Gordon Won the Battle of Jericho

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During a lunch six months ago with Gordon Crovitz, publisher of the Wall Street Journal and Bill Grueskin, editor of the we discussed how that the walled garden approach of Dow Jones was limiting its utility as a web resource. Gordon and Bill have been busy changing the dynamic, so that today it is […]

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