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The Chris DeWolfe Perspective

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At the Edelman Annual Leadership meeting this week in San Francisco, I had the opportunity to interview Chris DeWolfe, founder and CEO of MySpace (disclosure: Edelman client). Here are a few of his key comments: 1) We are aiming to involve our members in important issues of our time. There was a period when parents […]

The Great Experiment

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I just finished lunch with my old friend, Steve Shepard, now dean of the new journalism school at the City University of New York ( Steve stepped down as editor of Business Week magazine about two years ago to take on this great experiment in public education. One of the major challenges to media companies […]

Media Panel at Yale CEO Summit

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My friend and former classmate in college and business school is Professor Jeff Sonnenfeld. Twice a year, he attracts chief executives to a one day event which covers issues relevant to the CEO, including leadership, governance, compensation and working with the media. Yesterday evening, Jeff had Joe Nocera of the NY Times plus Alan Murray […]

New Media Academic Summit Day One

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Edelman and PRWeek Magazine have organized a day long conference for US professors of journalism and mass communications. Last night I joined a distinguished group of media executives, including Gordon Crovitz, publisher of the Wall Street Journal, Pat Mitchell, CEO of the Paley Museum of Media, Nick Lemann, Dean of the Columbia Journalism School and […]

I Had Fun at MESH

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I was a featured speaker yesterday at the MESH Conference in Toronto. I spent about 45 minutes in a discussion with Stuart MacDonald, our former client at Expedia and now an Internet entrepreneur. View the transcript here. Here were some key points I tried to make: 1) This is a time of great opportunity for […]

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