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The Week’s Global Village

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The opening week of the United Nations is like Thanksgiving at my parents’ home in Chicago; you eat so much and talk so incessantly that you have to take a nap afterward. In the past few days, I have been immersed in the cacophony of New York City hosting the UN dignitaries and the Clinton […]

The Scimitar

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One of the joys of entering your fifth decade is the sudden emergence of medical diagnostic tests as a routine part of your life. Others have talked about their experiences, such as Mark Cuban. Here is a cautionary tale about the shortcomings of one such diagnostic tool and the unnecessary heartache that it caused. In […]

Dubai: Image and Reality

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I made my first trip to the Middle East earlier this week. I had no clear conception of what to expect when I landed after my 13 hour flight from New York City. I had read the major story in Vanity Fair about Dubai, which reinforced all of the stereotypes of fun in the sun, […]

Two Great Men

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I spoke publicly twice this week, on Wednesday at the unveiling of a plaque honoring my father, Dan Edelman, at the Aon Center in Chicago, then on Thursday morning at the Memorial service for the late Michael K. Deaver at the National Cathedral in Washington, DC. Here are some of the highlights of my remarks. […]

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